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Can I be the dancing one with tiny, nothing arms? I feel it's fitting since I point out a lot of bad proportions in Bria and Labelle's "art"


Duck Duck TUUURN

I'm having a Psychloseizure
An autogynophile's Valentine's Day card:

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Can you imagine being a teenager and having an older you come and tell you anything at all about how you turned out? It would most likely be confusing if not repellent. A teenager might even rebel against that destiny for spite, cuz that's how people are.

Anyway, what's the point of this comic? That you wish you could know everything would come up in your favor in the future? Welcome to humanity.


communism is lit

"nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic ey luigi?"

i REFUSE TO BELIEVE she actually drew it in this shitty resolution and saved the og file as a jpeg
this has to just be some weird fuckery w her website right? right??

side note
the way the fortune cookie words of wisdom werent building to anything at all and only showed up during the chase scene makes me think this shouldve been a shitty low budget cheesy family movie with generic emotional-movie-climax royalty free music playing while she talked to herself, before the song ended and it cut right back to the movie
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She should have ended it with the words of wisdom followed by the protagonist escaping, but later finding no portal in the closet.

By the way, did the protagonist ever get a name?
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I like that they're still wearing that crack-invasive underwear. If you've ever wanted to grab an assfull of Abbott and Costello, ta-dah.
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