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New photos, including a new tattoo:
I rolled that guy in the Puzzle & Dragons collab.

Why do all of these arsewipes assume that, if you haven't had the vaccine, you must by default have COVID? An unvaccinated person poses no threat to anyone else so long as they don't have COVID. Which 99% of them don't. COVID is not a CCTV camera, waiting to see who hasn't had the vaccine, and swooping down on them as punishment.

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Someone should tell them that vaccines don't actually prevent the spread and only reduce symptoms. Also someone should tell them that you can't flip the "my body my choice" thing around because it's these fuckers who started it. If people say "my body my choice" for vaccines it's because they're PLAYING BY YOUR RULES.


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I honestly didn't know that Bria posted any more since January until I saw this comic in the AssMale thread.

strawmen redux.png

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One thing that always drives me crazy about this kind of argument (and I'm actually with Brian here, I'm pro-vax and pro-choice) is that it automatically implies that someone who disagrees with both of these arguments is also being a hypocrite.

The strawman is pro-A in situation 1 and anti-A in situation 2 which is hypocritical, but by disagreeing with them the author is pro-A in situation 2 and anti-A in situation 1 which is equally hypocritical. Obviously there's a lot more to it than that in reality and it's not a very good argument to begin with, but unlike most of these simplistic strawman arguments this argument inherently applies to both the strawman and the person who constructed it.

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