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You know we're talking so much about LSP's past, let's talk about how he's handling this terrible COVID-19 pandemic. I really like his encouragement of social distancing, he respects everyone's need to get supplies and in fact was one of the first people encouraging his viewers to stock up, so much so that many of his viewers were able to get a head start on the rush. I really like how he respects and even passes on links to information respectable doctors are putting out about the virus. He hasn't made this public but I heard from a reliable source he was even handing out toilet paper and water from his personal stash to the elderly.

Thank God we have someone like LSP to help us through a time like this. Perhaps he is not the hero we deserve, but he's the hero we need.


I love how LSP has given up the massive amount of free time he normally has to work out at the gym, do volunteer work at the local retirement home and make daily trips to the grocery store so his lovely wife can focus on her busy job, and decided to stay at home six days of the week to minimize the chance of him possibly carrying and unknowingly spreading the virus, all while holding a tips fundraiser for said retirement home.

He's such a great guy. ❤

WWE Champion

What I like the most about LSP is how positive he is and also interacts a lot on twitter with his fans, no matter if they are a sub, big donator or just a viewer. I really love his cuisine royale duo streams with his best friend tevin.
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He's such a good sport about taking all the good-natured ribbing and bantering he experiences when people encounter him in multiplayer games with voice chat functionality. The only time he ever mutes people is if they are mic-spamming with ear-rape audio. Pretty much everything else goes.


I said mean unkind things about him in chat just to troll, and he didn't even ban me.

Now I feel bad.
One time on a Computerphile youtube video I made a sarcastic remark about a mistake one of the scientists made, and the good humor and warmth with which the guy replied to me in the comments made me feel like shit, but I've never been toxic since. So anyone wondering how LSP's streamchat can be both lightspeed fast and 0% toxic—I've seen it compared to a 5th century Athenian agora, no topic is banned and conversation has a charge of importance—can look to this technique for the cause.