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My favorite LSP moment was the "Late Night Valentine's Stream" where he and his wife Katie played the most asinine dating sims they could find (letting the chat vote on the choices) and did all the voices, him as the men and her as the women. It was a riot :lol:
At one point one of the people in chat asked "Is this like how you two met?" And they both turned to the camera with these deadpan expressions and at the same time Phil said "No" and Katie said "Yes". Then they both cracked up laughing. Man, they really are on the same wavelength.

Too bad Katie doesn't show up more often, but apparently she has a high-powered executive job that keeps her pretty busy during the week.


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How can one man be so based and continue to be based?

My cousin has been a renter from Phil for almost 3 years and when he went and hurt his back at the construction site, Phil himself came down to visit him personally and told him that he didn't have to worry about rent or utilities until he got back on his feet.



LSP's mortgage will be paid off at the beginning of April
Then he's going to start paying off his parents' bills. When he flew out to visit his parents last year, he paid for everything and told them that they'd never have to work again if they didn't want to, so they could concentrate on their volunteer work, travel, whatever. He said his mom and dad deserved it for all they'd done for him.

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Too bad Katie doesn't show up more often, but apparently she has a high-powered executive job that keeps her pretty busy during the week.
Personally, I like the start of thier story. Remember when LSP had a stream discussing that he had found a woman he intended to court, and didn't want the fans to wonder and worry about anything happening? He told everyone that their place in his heart wasnt diminished by a new potential relationship, and that he wanted that foundation of honesty about his personal life to remain. His advice to the singles in the chat was so classy, it made me believe in love again.


I saw LSP at a grocery store in Renton yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.

He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and then he stopped me and apologized. Told me he loves memes like that Ryan Gosling copypasta and we both had a good chuckle.

He offered me hand sanitizer first before we shook hands, then asked for my phone to take a selfie. I told him how empty the stores are and that I just needed some rice and chicken and saw that they cleared the shelves and that I had none. He gave me his bag of rice and frozen chicken in the parking lot later.

What a guy. He told me his favorite meme was jet fuel cant melt steel beams and gave me VIP status in his twitch chat, along with his steam.

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Remember that one time at the fighting game tournament and one of the commentators told LSP that he had to stop recording the different matches because he was holding up the competition? Phil politely shut off his camera, apologized to all his peers. He then pulled one of the tournament runners to the side and said: "Excuse me, sir. Where is the location I am playing? I checked the board, and it doesn't list my name." Phil then said he could run the tournament for everyone else, at his own condo!

This dude is a real stand up guy. I envy him and his mentality of staying positive :biggrin:


Years back I was really into LSP, my life was a shambles, I was drinking a lot and I'd basically just tune into LSP between liquor runs. I was a real mess, I considered suicide daily. I donated LSP my last few dollars privately with an ominously worded message, and in 5 minutes he sent me my money back asking me what was up. He stayed up with me and talked me through my demons, and even offered to pay me money to mod the chat so I could afford therapy.

5 years later and I still mod his chat to this day, I don't need the money any more but he insists on paying me for my work. I donate the money he pays me to charity, cause he showed me how helping others can show us how we help ourselves. LSP is legit, and it's crazy how dedicated some of his detractors are. I think his most prolific one was recently in court over his gambling problem. That dude has some demons, but like LSP always says, you've got to love people - demons and all.


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He's very good about paying his fans a very generous commission in order to produce high quality fan art, music, and videos that play during his pre-stream segments. His pre-stream segments (never more than 10-15 minutes long) are basically a constantly updated showcase of community-created content made by the fans, with new art/music/videos every week, so it doesn't get stale. Plus the pre-stream segments almost always include a highlight video of the most entertaining clips from the preceding week, voted on by the fans themselves. In that way, the pre-stream segments are a really great way for viewers to get caught up on the latest memes and events from his streams while they wait.


I think the real measure of a man is what they do when the realize they fucked up. Remember the time that LSP was playing Ichiro, that To Software game from 2018? When he was getting really frustrated and wound up snapping at one of his mods Swaggers? I was really impressed how he went to Swaggers after the stream privately and apologized and acknowledged that he fucked up. I remember Swaggers going to that one site, Lemon Ranch, where they discuss truly exceptional individuals to try and give Phil credit for his kindness and understanding. What a stand up guy.