Inactive Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath / Heretics on Holiday - Failed Halifax Mass Shooter & Asian Nazi Fetishist. Sentenced to life in jail.


[warbles internally]
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So I was combing through her posts, and I noticed her reply to the "Post your Art" Thread. I don't know, but there's something about

Like he's

Also, lol, BDSM Thread Results
79% Sadist
76% Bondage Receiver
76% Switch
71% Bondage Giver
71% Girl/Boy
63% Daddy/Mommy
57% Primal (Predator)
57% Primal (Prey)
54% Submissive
50% Brat
38% Master/Mistress
34% Brat Tamer
34% Vanilla
33% Experimentalist
33% Masochist
30% Dominant
29% Degradation Giver
21% All-Rounder
16% Slave
16% Voyeur
9% Exhibitionist
4% Degradation Receiver
4% Non-monogamist
0% Pervert
So it looks like I'm a sadist but also more submissive than dominant and more of a Girl than a Mommy (blech). I feel something went wrong.

Having never interacted with her on these boards, I can't say I have a reaction nearly as strong as other users, but still, that's freaky.

Also, the idea of at least one FBI guy being told his job is to monitor a place called "The Kiwi Farms" cracks me up.
The horror. Sitting at his cubicle, his coffee stone cold, reading about a failed internet cartoonist with an extreme balloon fetish.
He goes home to his wife, kicks on his shoes and notices a trail of rose petals leading to his master bedroom. In the boudoir his wife is laying on the bed in sexy lingerie holding 2 glasses of wine, scented candles illuminate the room, there's Old School 90s RnB playing in the background and his wife beckons him with a smile and the wave of her finger. He tries to shimmy over to her but can't get into it. instead he sits down on the side of the bed, lights a cigarette and after a long drag holds his face in his palms.

"This isn't what I signed up for Marie. I thought it would be like Die Hard."

They at least succeeded in ruining someones valentines day today.
great job guys.

John Titor

Pronouns: time/temporal/tempself
Quick google search, I don't know if I could sort them by date: complaints snoopyfemme

Snoop on being Asian (finding out she was Asian was a huge surprise by the way):
EDIT: Minor thing. She says she's part Vietnamese but from what I gathered, Souvannarath is Laotian in origin.

On gays:
This thread is highly familiar but I don't remember if this is where the Internet sissy fight occured. I do know that this is the right time frame of summer 2007.
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From the dumbass way he holds that rifle (finger on the trigger, that's a no-no)...
How can we tell this was a suicide and not just a stupidity induced accident?
Although it's not explicitly said, from the way the news report was written I think he shot himself in lieu of capture (he stated he had no guns but shot himself apon leaving the house).

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