Inactive Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath / Heretics on Holiday - Failed Halifax Mass Shooter & Asian Nazi Fetishist. Sentenced to life in jail.


The Charles Dickens of Disco
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Gosh, we got it all here! From attorneys to attempted mass murderers, come to the Kiwi Farms!

All seriousness though, good job to the Halifax police for catching these dipshits. And to said dipshits: fuck you. Enjoy prison. I hope you both meet your own personal Adebisi.

Gene Parmesan

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To any federal agents watching this thread- I will roll over on any person who has an account here. They don't even have to have done anything. Just email me what you want me to say they did and we're good. Or just give me a name and I'll make shit up.
They mad cause I'm flagrant. I'm 90% sure they've tapped my cell, and suspect they may also have done the same to the phone in the basement.

Lets consider a few things here
- The internet is a common medium for people to communicate in, in fact the whole purpose behind the internet is to be a tool for communication
- There are some people in the world are nuts to a homicidal level
- Most websites are open for anyone to open up an account

It was bound to happen at some point that there would be a known, thanks to the internet detectives here, (potential) murderer here. What I'm getting at is that her having an account here should not reflect poorly on this community. Especially, with everyone in agreement that her actions were inexcusable.

I wonder, what was she trying to accomplish by trying killing all those people? What was it that set her over the edge? What was her agenda? Why? Does she really think that shooting at innocent civilians would accomplish anything other then piss people off and ruin her own life?
Regardless, she is a danger to other people and she stays behind bars for a long time. I also hope she is able to get the psychiatric help she clearly needs.

I wonder, what was she trying to accomplish by trying killing all those people? What was it that set her over the edge? What was her agenda?
She was a necrophile, so there was probably sexual aspect to it. But, a lot of her friends on Iron March had a deep contempt for the average person. They referred to them as useless plebs and didn't care about them in the slightest.

Alex Krycek

russian bot
In my edgier days I was an IronMarch member but left after a lot of members bashed me for not being racist and found that very few people were interested in economics. I knew of her to some extent. I was always confused as hell by her Nazi fetishism and generally left her alone. Very weird, never thought I'd hear of any of those people ever again.

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