Careercow Lindsay M Amer / Queer Kid Stuff - Makes LGBT SJW Style videos for children, complete with creepy music

She represents the 'left' in that developmentally-stunted adult toddlers with messiah complexes have been allowed to take control of much of what the 'left' in western society means.

Pggybacking on that: This is why colleges ought to be defunded for everything except what gets you a JOB.

1. Smartest asshole in the room type
2. Uses 5,000 dollar words when a 50 cent one will work.
3. Uses weasel words.
4. Talks like L. Ron Hubbard after his second drink. Still thinks she's smart.


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Literal goblin
A bit OT, but does anyone else have the feeling that Teddy probably smells really weird?
I'd guess it reeks of shame, HPV and all-natural deodorant.

There's something about Lindsey that rubs me the wrong way. Not to throw around any P bombs, but I get the same vibe from them as I do from 40 year olds who sell weed to middle schoolers.

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I hate 2020
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But a binder isn't required by law ... you can choose not to wear one.

I'm pretty sure we decolonized agriculture in the late 1800's. I'm all for BIPOC people running their own farms. I don't think they realize that small farmers are a dying breed because it is extremely hard work and doesn't really pay very well. Factory farming is where the big money is.