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You should make the wogglebug into carnivorous predator who reproduces with neuroparasitic larvae. You'll need to look into Trematodes and Protozoans to get the life cycle right, but the Wogglebug should lay its eggs in sleeping denizens of Oz, right into their stomach with a foot long needle-like proboscis. As the brood grows they assume control over the unfortunate munchkin's hippocampus and amygdala, forcing the poor chap to stuff his face non stop, so as to feed his new tenant.
I first thought the baby wogglebugs should hatch from the stomachs of their prey, like in Alien. On further reflection, I think it might be more fun to have the young ones squeeze themselves out of the munchkin's esophagus in a burst of noise and flying spittle, then perch gracefully on the blank face of their discarded host before spreading those new wings for the first time and taking flight to infect others.
Woggle is public domain so I'm stealing this and making a b movie.
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This trollpost on Dynastia's death thread is of quality as well:

this thread is a circle jerk and you're just fondling balls rn. you think anyone worth a damn cares about being "known" on a doxxing and hate website that laughs at re:tards? Shit's cringe as fuck 'bruh' and anyone attempting to paint this as a matter of principle is seriously deluded. lock this faggy thread already you stockholm sycophants.