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brutal poodle
Some fucktard with a shield next to its name will burst into threads for any reason, at any time and announce "You have been shadoebanned", make a new account. You cannot possibly anticipate or predict when or why they will take this action when you look at their comment history.
We used to drown people like this at birth or at least when it became apparent they were pulsating masses of autism. That practice needs to come back in vogue
(idk when he started off with a new sentence about drowning people at birth for showing signs of being a reddit moderator I bursted out laughing)
Answer my question, is the issue here. All the dog turd on the planet cant do it. tell me im wrong.

None of you japs would even have a computer to begin with, if it wasnt for us. And if you say otherwise, ill have to bong you on the head a little hardish.

Never ending jap shit, is what goes on in your head. And after ive sorted out you jap wimps im going to smack me out some dirty africans, and you should like it when i do, you black fuckheads. And anyone who thinks different may as well be the next generation of half dopey spastic cooners.

Thats what this forum sounds like.


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@HIVidaBoheme don't just cowardly come in here and rate everyone and not post you fucking sissy faggot pansy neko shota loli oni shortstack bbw inflation fetishist hentai consoomer bingbingwahoo freetard speedrunning tranny veteran d&d playing lobotomite gremlin troglodyte hipster commie stalinist circumcised film critic, I will literally rape you
(for added effect, read this like you're a wrestler badmouthing another fighter during an interview, talking into the camera and everything)


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Call me when I get arrested for telling jokes.
Call me when I get arrested for a blunt butter knife.
Call me when I get arrested for words on a screen that might offend 3 people or less.
Call me when out government spend more time policing Twitter than arresting pedophiles.
Call me when our government starts sucking the dick of the UN.
Call me when our government is bound by directives from foreign governments.
Call me when our government stops newspapers from printing the real offender's race, picture and name.
Call me when our police are too afraid of being called racist for doing their job they let grooming gangs rape girls and boys.
Call me when in the US a 89 year old woman goes to jail for 14 months over something she posted on social media.
Call me when you the US stops having a concept of fair use.
Call me when the US uses 'Asian' for everyone over the shade of beige.
Call me when you stop censoring fucking everything in sight.
Call me when the US entertainment companies, including PBS have mandated racial quotas no matter the content.

Call me when you have a first amendment.


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Well, shit. I just realized that when I pointed out that this was an awesome line of the day, I never added it to the thread.
"Bizoire" is Chantal's made-up word for da club where Sam goes for his beezin. He can do his beezin at home of course, but when he really gets going, he heads for the "bizoire".
This one is good too:
Now with that said, someone please shoot me for knowing these things. What in the actual fuck am I doing with my life?
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