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And he kept calling fouls like a bitch!
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When I was 13 I read a fanfiction of popular CW show Supernatural. It had incest. Immediately I was overcome by insatiable lust for my own brother. I lost all control of myself over this 3251 word story a maladjusted Tumblr teen had shared on the internet, their unfathomable power hidden behind those deliciously concocted sex scenes - imagery of puckered chapped man-lips grazing against each other followed by incestuous motel room frottage.

It changed me, whenever I see a pair of brothers now I can not stop myself from whipping out my dick, sexual fantasies towards my own flesh and blood have become reality as we frolic in our shared degeneracy.

During my rare, clearer moments, when I don't have my older bro's 9-inch fat cock shoved down my throat, all I feel is unspeakable dread. Clearly the human mind is unable of critical thinking, to not mimic every depiction of real life issues in fiction it comes across.

My life is empty. Fanfiction - not even once. 😔


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When I like 5 I thought the Backstreet Boys were a street gang who also made music since I heard kids at school mentioning them and their name sounded all "urban". Like I imagined there were like 15-20 members (a mix of white and black guys) and they'd hang out in alleys with boomboxes and guns. I probably had heard their music at that point but didn't know who it was by so instead I thought they were pretty hardcore.