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My favorite Line for Saturday

All the VirusShibboleths ("We're in this together" / "new normal" / "Stay safe" / "Wear a [EXPLETIVE] mask" / "social distancing" / "save lives" / "protect my health" / "second wave") make me beg God to pour out the seven vials* of wrath from the book of Revelation.

*or bowls, depending on your translation

just need to post this somewhere.


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"If grape soda in the baby bottle was how my momma raised me it's good enough for my kids." Yeah and also I'm just thinking that's why you're in my emergency department today because you have a necrotic diabetic heel ulcer. Maybe don't let your kids share your same fate.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: We Kiwis may be total assholes, but we're assholes with hearts of gold. We would happily see this website become obsolete and shuttered if it meant everyone we follow suddenly became decent people who are productive members of society. But that will never happen, so we will happily continue to point and laugh as the sideshow freaks of the world.


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I would accidentally dox myself by hanging up a "Mission Accomplished" banner outside my house if Becky killed herself.

And now the Community Watch Lines of the Day:
Did you have any children that lived? Or did the congenital problems endemic to inbreeding get a full house?
Do you have any actual, direct, attributable, verifiable evidence for any of that absolute drivel you've just shat all over here?
If you do, post that shit up, let's get good and mad, overthrow the governments and have a mask-burning party on every street. If you don't, then the best course is probably for you to shut the hell up and go back to fucking your parents.

Fucking mongoloids.

nigga if I can get paid for being a retard then I am owed a hell of a lot of back checks.
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