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brutal poodle
Ugh. Just imagine that scene. Pus-stained My Little Pony panties scattered around the room amidst the discarded packaging for Transformers figures and amiibos. The sour smell of a neckbeard nest combined with the cloying, sickly odors of a WWI field hospital. Fake, exaggerated giggling echoing through the room. On the bed, a pile of pallid, pockmarked flesh, writhing and moaning, desperate to experience the euphoria they were promised. None of them will ever find it, but they keep up the charade for the sake of the others.


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Labelle's entire shtick is about presenting a certain way and profiting from it, so yeah, especially on the heels of a exceptional "self portrait" we're going to comment (and mock) Labelle's appearance. If you don't like it, then by all means steer the conversation in another direction by commenting on Labelle's actions or art instead but don't pretend this thread is some kind of intellectual character study to be held to higher standards.
We're a bunch of assholes gossiping about exceptional individuals.
And Labelle is fat.
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