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Wow, Benjamin Franklin, Attorney at Law, is really moving up in the world. When he first came onto my radar, the address he was practicing law out of was the ruined wreckage of an old gas station. Now, after having represented such lucrative clients as "weepy skinhead meth addict" and "autistic geriatric neo-nazi w/ lazy eye", he's finally hit the big time and can afford to practice law out of an abandoned field.


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Best lines from Corbin's swan thread:
When they're painting a target on their arse and bending over like this, Lord knows I'm going to take the opportunity.
This is 20 minutes of my life I won't be getting back.
This is discrimination against the autistic, so I voted to keep him because this is an ADA compliant forum.
When I log onto Kiwi Farms, I want to have fun. @Corbin Dallas Multipass is the polar opposite of fun. He's that guy at the party who would interrupt an engaging conversation to talk about his dead relatives or his incel manifesto.

Couldn't think of a more deserving unfunny sperg worthy of a ban. Funnier, better people have been banned for less.
I must salute a man whose tism is too strong even for the farms. But I shall not judge, for it is the place of Null peace be upon him to have mercy or cast him out, never to return 5 minutes later with a new username.
First they came for @BoingoTango, and I did nothing, because he was a faggot.
Then they came for @Corbin Dallas Multipass, and I did nothing, because he was a faggot.
Don't be faggot.
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