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Merger of the Double Posts
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I like @Jaimas and legitimately tried to resist giving him an "autistic" rating when I saw that post, but I ultimately felt that it would be a violation of my system of ethics and integrity with respect to post ratings if I did not do so. One needs to be fair and consistent, and if that post didn't warrant an "autistic" rating I felt I had no right to ever use the rating again.

The 8 of Spades

This Is Our Church, These Are Your Sins.
Saw this somewhere else and for some reason it cracked me up:

"Basically, this is just some computer showing off how high it can count like some kind of mouthy four year old. If you ignore it and pretend like it's not there, computers, like children, will eventually shut up and go back to what they're supposed to be doing."
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Merger of the Double Posts
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Funny story: I called my mother this morning and advised her to watch Dr. Phil today.

She got back to me just now, and I asked her what she thought of Susan.

Mom knows NOTHING of Kiwi Farms or the culture, but immediately answered "That woman is a HORRIBLE COW!"

Proof to geneticists: Kiwi-ism runs in the blood. She named a Horrorcow on sight. I think I want n00l to make her an honorary account that she will never log in with because computers are mysterious and unknowable things to her. But she knows her cows.

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