Linode is now the shittiest company I've ever dealt with


Nov 14, 2012

It has come to our attention that your Linode account is currently hosting the website Upon further investigation, we have determined that the content of this site is in violation of clause 3, paragraph 7 of the Linode Terms of Service (

Other Activities viewed as Illegal or Harmful: Engaging in illegal activities or engaging in activities harmful to the operations of or's customers.

With this in mind, we ask that you remove the website from our platform within the next 7 days (Thursday, January 28, 2016). You may continue to host any other websites or services with Linode that do not conflict with our Terms of Service.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, we’d be happy to address them.

Trust & Safety Team

God these people are fucking clowns. I was going to put off on this migration but it seems now I have no options.

Digital Ocean is now my current bet. Alternatively, I have a more expensive host in the Netherlands that I can use. Discuss.

Edit: We're moving to a french company. HON HON HON TBH
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Billy of Hills

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Nov 6, 2014
That's a pretty fucking good question. It'd be real nice if their cease and desist letter actually included anything. This is reminiscent of the Stripe cancellation letter I got that said nothing and refused to say anything.
the edgelords at SC made a ticket so i would assume its CYBER BULLYING that triggered Rich from the Trust & Safety team


The Wutdge
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Jul 23, 2014
Looks like the kids over at SC actually got through to Linode.

That's because your members have come in here and spammed pointless shit, unfortunately. You're perfectly free to do the same with your forums, so as Timon said, that's kind of on you.
Oh look, we ban your shitposters....and your members attempt to get our site pulled. Really guys?


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