Linode is now the shittiest company I've ever dealt with -

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Btw, we have the french national anthem playing for 10 hours on the movie night channel. Please pay your respects



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Writing a nasty letter to an unrelated internet hosting company is going to be his greatest success in life, and he knows it.
He doesn't really shoot high when it comes to goals, so this likely feels like a big deal to him.

If SC ends up going down because of what he's done here, he'll celebrate twice as hard.


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I've had hosts jerk me around like this after they caught wind I was migrating off their service. That might be what happened here. Used a mail-list service for years and they pulled the plug on me for ToS violations a couple days after I switched off automatic billing because I was moving everything elsewhere.

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I go out for 2 hours and the drama happens without me
Fuck (:_(
Why are we french,why pardew is a nazi,why we have Islamic state +french avatars?
@Bay Harbor Butcher cut down our internet by crying to Linode because he got banned. We're rehosting and he's desperately trying to insist that this is a great victory for him.