Linode is now the shittiest company I've ever dealt with

Billy of Hills

Must have absolutely zero standards.
Nov 6, 2014
Like that would stop the weens :stupid:
it's not weening when he deserves it
If we used their host, would we also have to have the obnoxious popunder ads and the comedic sensibilities of home-schooled 13 year olds?
hey now don't make fun of the home-schooled 13 year olds, ED is home-schooled 12 year olds at best


Nov 14, 2012
This priceless work of art I have created demonstrates our system.

In total, per month:
16 Cores
16 GiB of RAM
2 TiB of Outbound Bandwidth

That's the budget. A similar setup on DigitalOcean would cost way more, but we can't break the budget, so I'd have to try and put it on fewer machines, which is probably very possible. Conversely, the dutch host has scaling allocations, but for about what we have now we'd be paying about 10% more because of currency conversions and generally being more expensive.


There are 2 other options which I can go over and will go over today or tomorrow. I have two powerful contacts in server administration: NTTech, which runs 2ch and 8ch. The other is ran by someone I've met through Next development, but I don't want to have to send money to what's called Sapphire Group, which has a pretty sordid history in running all sorts of dead GamerGate projects. I'd consider him a safe host, but not one I'd jump on immediately. Similarly, trying to bum off 8ch servers can be a problem.