List of books to educate Kids & adults from being crazy/emotional man-childrens.


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Aug 5, 2020
Edit: Being a good parent is always a good thing, and books should never be a replacement to good parenting. Books should supplement a family’s teaching’s to their kids to navigate and be successful in the world. Unfortunately, we live in a pandemic of single mothers, of weak/soyboy/male-feminist fathers, and lolcows who abuse/abandon/over-medicate their children like you see in the Desmond is Amazing & the Susan Schofield Cabana threads for social media points. Don't forget children who grew up in broken homes, who have no teachers, no father-figures, no mother-figures, no objective schools & colleges to guide them to the right paths, or at least give them the tools/starting points to fend for themselves, to not be parasites of society & to give them starting points for them to develop healthy & strong. I'm sure a few farmers know what's it like to be "broken" & "messed-up", to be lonely with few to no friends.

Books maybe the only alternatives hundreds of millions of people can rely on, because some of today's schools have become indoctrination centers, that leaves kids and new adults in debt with no job prospects, makes them more ignorant about the world, to riot in the streets, to vote in more immigrants that'll take their jobs, leave them more dependent on the government and have them think it's good to elect a pedophile & his back-stabbing party with him in order to "own" a candidate not to their liking.

So what books would you recommend to not only prepare kids to go against public school and college indoctrination but also prepare children to face the world proper, to be like the eminent men & women of ages pass? And also wake up adults to think more rationally & not act like man-children acting up in the streets or turning their workplaces into high-schools 2.0 with positivity & sensitivity training, if that's still a thing circa 2020, plus get you fired/mocked for wrong-think or for voting for the wrong the wrong presidential candidate.

I'll list some books to tell you what I mean, if I make little sense:

The annals of Tacitus = Shows the reality of Empires, how erratic and unpredictable they are for any people who still thinks dictatorships, empires, & monarchs are still a good idea.
The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin & Poor Richard Almanac: Want a template for success? click these 2 links.
Common Sense = Let's you understand why America separated from Great Britain, and why your freedom should be defended.
Gulag Archipelago = Got someone who thinks socialism is a good idea? Show them these three books and see if they change their minds.
200 years together = want to know more how these nihilists think? Check out this book.
Pilgrim's Progress = a classic that was read by people to kids to teach them to read.
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas = An overview of what it was like to be a slave before and after the American Civil war.
Geronimo: The story of his life = Want to know what it was like to be a native american? Here's an introduction.
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Feb 3, 2013
yea, no... I think they all have been fairly acquainted with that particular book considering they all fucking use it as an instruction manual.
Aquainted but not actually read; The main isue with people refrencing books is that a good chunk of them are guaranteed to no have actually read it.


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Aug 24, 2020
I think actual good parenting is a better combatant against ignorance than books.

But Idk, maybe read your kid Ulysses, it worked for Allen Shermen.