List of books to educate Kids & adults from being crazy/emotional man-childrens.

Getter Robo
Apr 15, 2021
Any kid reading the blackpill books is going to catch crippling autism and foisting them on children is a great way to stop them from ever reading.

That being said every kid should be forced to read:
-"The kid who ran for president," and its sequel "The kid who became president." A brief introduction on the US's Political system and the less than ethical things required to become president. At one point the protagonist nearly causes a riot at his school's pep rally by promising no more homework. After protagonist Judson Moon becomes president, he needs to deal with PACs attempting to determine the most important meal of the day, and how in politics nobody is ever right.
-"The little black book of violence."
A book about tearing down the beliefs young precocious teenagers have about being able to fight and never being the victim of violence. Its a read that reinforces over and over again that fighting is almost never worth it, you do not know how to fight, looking for trouble will get you killed, and even the "winner" of bar and street fights lose. It really takes the wind out of a teen filled with piss and vinegar.
-"Survivor," by Chuck Phalinuck. A less autistic rewrite of "Fight Club," where the moral of the story is to become your own person instead of being forced through the locks and channels parents try to mold you through. That and to stop being a loser who thinks busywork is the meaning of life.

Ol Dirty Fatso

assigned fashion police at birth
Jul 7, 2021
Madame Bovary, it's a beautifully written cautionary tale about getting into dumb flings and blowing money to escape how boring and lame your life is.