List of Email Addresses of Kiwifarms Members -

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Leonard Helplessness
I do like that someone went through the trouble of trawling the leak for every single email address not in order to do anything with them, but to put them in a PDF and post them on the forums in order to try and bother people.
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oh nooo my email address has been leaked what will i dooo
don't send my sock inbox spam emails that i won't ever seee
oooohh nooo


Uncouth Twat
Yeah right, Melinda doesn't exist.

Exhibit A my kiwifarms lolcow thread.
Exhibit B her kiwifarms lolcow thread.

Melinda was/is actually in great fear of me. Whereas my ex girlfriend is in fear of me but not great fear. And my ex sex partner, Lyndsey, is still in great fear after me after all these years. 10 years later and she thinks I stand outside her window in the middle of the night and that I am watching her. Good news is these women have to live the rest of their lives afraid of me. So looks like I won after all.
Okay sure. You got me there, I had no idea who you were. I thought you were just some random assmad faggot, but now I see that you're not random.