Livestream - Hungover 500lb life 05/09/20 -


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
Why are her and Becky eating mcflurries? lmao

She is fucking delusional holy shit. She just went off on someone for saying nothings changed and then started typing mcdonalds big mac into weight watchers site! what the actual fuckkkkk you cannot make this shit up

Imagine being that fucking smug amount losing weight but still being 400lbs overweight and eating 2000 cals of McDonald's.

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I found a calculator that says a 500 pound woman would need nine drinks to get above a BAC of 0.08 (the legal intoxication limit in most places).

Gorl could drink an entire bottle of wine at dinner and still be good to drive home.
She could drink almost half a bottle of 80 proof vodka and still be good to drive.

Rundown according to someone in the comments of her last video:

-she was hungover from drinking w destiny and crew

-she got $80 worth of Pizza Hut to eat with them

-she’s not still doing weight watchers
-she was EATING McDonald’s on the Live

-she weighed herself live but wouldn’t show the scale and jus said “oh bitch oh bitch, I knew that was gonna be bad” and then completely changed up and started a convo w Eric without telling

-keeps going on about how swollen she is (of course it couldn’t be the McFlurry and nuggets she was eating, jus the sodium that’s making her swell)

- told everyone she was gonna social distance with friends then completely lied and jus had them over normally

-was all around SMUG as fuck, more so than usual