Livestream - Hungover 500lb life 05/09/20 -

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Dosh, grab it while you can lads!
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She was so not mad.
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Not confused, either.
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Hambo, you look like you are Becky's 55 year old aunt, and it's fucking hilarious.

Big girl is as desperate as I've ever seen her.

If she has indeed lost as much weight as she claims, then it's even more disturbing that no one can tell. Imagine loosing 70+ pounds and people say you don't look any different.


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Its quite concerning that trixie is yelping like that just from becky moving next to her. If eric and Ricky can buy candles and drag queen merch, they can get trixies back xrayed
My money's on IVDD, but the fag shanty will never shell out the money to get a diagnosis.
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y'all missed PsychiatristLynn. Their therapist diagnosed Becky as bipolar and put her on four medications. Then after Becky was walking around like a zombie for several months, PsychiatristLynn spoke up and told Becky's therapist she was not bipolar. And the therapist said, you're right, I don't think she's bipolar.... wtf lol.

I just started watching Amberlynn react to Tom's video and she's already incredibly annoying. She keeps implying he's making videos about her for attention and views. She opened up the video, she must have seen he has, what, 8x the number of subscribers as her and several videos over 1M views? How the fuck can someone be this self-important.

Also, when she says how much smaller she looks I was literally thinking how big she looks. I don't get her body shape. The way she has to lean in to have her head fit in frame looks so uncomfortable. It looks more like a head peering out of an iron lung than a human's body
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