LIVING LIFE, GOING OUT, STAYING POSITIVE 10/12/2019 - Amber is proud of herself for walking around a mall!

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"Living life" in Amberland apparently does not include doing laundry on a regular basis.

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Where does one start, (one says rubbing one's hands with glee). Going out to dinner as a unit, as a family but doesn't show who is joining them... "We are family, all my tubby sisters & me..." I digress. Don't forget as chirpy & cheerful as she is "bravely" coming across - she's GOING THROUGH SOMETHING. If walking in the mall is a victory, she's already lost the war. Her "tiny cheat meal" at Sonny's added up to 1,560 calories: 1,060 for the pulled chicken, 320 for a single mac & cheese & 180 for the corn bread muffin. 'Tilapia & shrimp' at Ruby Tuesday's. Please correct me if I'm wrong but their menu lists those as two separate menu items, not one. I feel like a proud Mommy that she knows how to put the detergent into the dishwasher, shut the door & start it. I shall immediately begin the arduous process of applying to MIT for her. Please remind me to remind her, when she goes for the interview, to wear a shirt not covered in pet hair, dandruff & various scurfy things - yuck! No Becky doesn't fall in/out of love with 'a number on the scale' but the limitations imposed by the higher numbers resulting in extra burdens on Becky should not, cannot; be minimized. She's doing her damnedest to respond to comments indirectly by showing her happy, cheerful, outgoing life. She's been "Getting Healtheeeeeeee!!!!!" for 3-4 days now; a week at most? But already had to have a 'tiny little cheat meal', followed by another the next day. Hallowe'en is coming followed by Thanksgiving & Christmas. This is the time of year the pounds really pile on her. The gain over the next couple of months promises to be amazeeeeen.


you know you're boring as fuck when you vlog yourself turning on the dishwasher... why did she think that's vlog worthy? because people think she can't do anything anymore? it's not the first time she does this, a while ago she thought that twinkie taking a shit in the yard was vlog worthy too
Doing multiple comments of the day to get the video over 10 minutes is ‘vlog worthy’, however these comments are fucking brutal, so I don’t mind.

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This might generate 'comment wars' - many will be lacing the vlog with negative comments, hoping their picked as 1 of the Comments of the Day. They will be charging against a determined, courageous, albeit tiny band of stalwart defenders hoping to pull off the modern, internet equivalent of the Battle of Rorke's Drift with their salvos of positivity. If they survive, (hah!), they hope she Herself, will pin on their skinny chests, the Order of the Orange Chicken while muttering something about chaotic bees.


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I'm sure Musty the neckless pedo screwer racked up on some Bath & Body candles and such.
She's as ugly as her thumb sister.
Getting in on that AL milk huh Musty?

Big Al saying she's healthier. Damn what a laugh.

Says she hasn't gained. Sure, Jan.

PS. Stop tugging on those little strands of hair on each side of your huge moon face. You look stupid.
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