LIVING LIFE, GOING OUT, STAYING POSITIVE 10/12/2019 - Amber is proud of herself for walking around a mall!

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Well I guess the proof is going to be in the pudding (or padding) in terms of Becky continuing to lose weight. My money is on Becky slowly regaining weight now that SabotageLynn is on the case. All this eating out and grocery shopping must make it extremely difficult for Becky to maintain a diet that is consistent with any medical advice she's been given. Amberlynn needs Becky as a complicit partner in her excessive eating; she's done this for the entire time they have been together and eating is pretty much the only activity they have in common. There is no way Amberlynn is going to allow Becky to opt out of the food/eating dynamic she has created.


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Becky doesn't need Amber to sabotage her for her to regain weight. Becky was a fatty before Amber, Becky has shown that she will make horrible food choices even when Amber isn't there (I'm referring to one of Eric's vlogs where Becky went out with him and Ricky to a pizza place while Amber stayed home).

I'm not suggesting that Amber will do anything to encourage Becky to stick to her diet, I'm just saying Becky's fully capable of sabotaging herself.


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@ADHD To be fair that was her birthday dinner.

But I agree. Becky seems like the type to only pretend like she gives a fuck about [goal] or, to be more charitable, like the type of person who genuinely wants to give a fuck but at the end of the day simply doesn't so she falters. Kind of like how in her mind she probably thinks she wants a loving relationship but in the end doesn't care enough to get out of a toxic one and work towards finding and sustaining a healthy one.

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"So I'm that type of person, that when we're in a car and I see cows, I'm like OMG LOOK there's COWS!"
Apparently Amber thinks this is a super cyuute and qUiRkY personality trait because she also made sure to mention this (along with the amazeen fact that each of them enjoy media AND they're BOLTH lesbians!) awhile back on her when she made a list of all the reasons she and her Thumbservant are truly compatible soulmates :

Can she go out without stopping at a fucking restaurant? It seems like everytime she leaves the house it revolves around either eating food or getting groceries.
Even though Becky is clearly on some kind of restricted diet and probably should be eating healthy home-cooked meals, I imagine the promise of getting restaurant food or Reeses Cups is literally the only way to convince Amber to put pants on and heave herself off her gross mattress and out of The Room With A Thousand Fans.

I love how she had to inform us that she had purchased candles but would have to wait until tommorow to show them to us because she was suuuper busy living her best life, watching Netflix and having so much fun. Yes gorl, we are all just on the edge of our seats waiting to see what new candle you've added to the hoard, just as we all were dying to see your expert technique of waddling up to the dishwasher and turning it on.

I legitimately think one of her chins has gone rogue and is actively strangling her brain at this point.
Her sassy pinned comment to that haydur is peak WriterLynn: "I'm sure a lot of people will ask why I pinned this comment. It's because I want to show people that sometimes the ones you should be mad at is yourself".


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^^This does not sound like an adult relationship. It's bizarre.

"We bolth like to color and draw"
"We are bolth lesbeans"

Fucked up.
That's because the only thing they actually have in common is eating way too much and that wouldn't be nearly enough things to answer the question so she had to pry up the shallowest bullshit ever...


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She had less than 5 mins of conetent and padded it with this comment shit.

She's only doing this for more ammo to keep bingeen , also she does nothing at all so she has nothing to film.

Loving the Thumb shots today, smexy.

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I also found her lover.
Beggy lost weight???


She needs in-patient help, no 2-ways about it. Usually they'll take them in for a month and It's basically fat cunt rehab where they put them on 800-1200 calories p/day depending on BMI, and control all their meals. The problem is once she goes home there's no real way to tard wrangler for her, none of her family seem to give a shit about helping her stick to a diet that will help her lose the weight.

I must say she might have to act soon because her lymphoedema is looking fucking nasty and lemme tell ya when that disease is left unchecked the person has such a high mortality chance; one bout of Cellulitis and Hamber is fucked, each time you get it increases the likelihood of getting it. Eventually one of them will ding Sepsis and that'll be night night.

I've seen and dealt with a few Lymphoedema cases and in my opinion It's one of the worst conditions that can be caused by obesity that largely goes unnoticed/unknown by many.

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^^This does not sound like an adult relationship. It's bizarre.

"We bolth like to color and draw"
"We are bolth lesbeans"

Fucked up.
It is bizarre, but a pretty good insight into their relationship and just how surface-level Amber's connections with other people are.
There's a stark absence of recognition of any shared values, dreams, morals, philosophy or how they approach life in general. Instead it's "we both like things to smell good". What? Does she think that everyone else enjoys unpleasant odors?

And imagine thinking that it's kismet that somehow you found another person in this big ol' world who also likes animals.
Truly astounding.

Tbh I'm a little surprised she didn't include "I like to demand Reeses Cups at 2am, and Becky loves taking late-night drives!" as further proof that they "compliment" each other perfectly.

I fully believe that all the shit she buys at Torrid does not fit her at all now and that is why she has not done try ons for months. I think August or late July was her last one which is crazy since she is "apparently losing weight" #surejan
Her last TORRID HAUL was posted October 7 (less than a week ago), and her last TRY ON of a Torrid Haul was posted Sept 5th.

She didn't do try-ons for Torrid Hauls since then because she likely doesn't have the stamina anymore to change outfits and be upright on camera without wheezing and sweating and permanently tainting them all with her FupaStank.

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This hurts me in a way that I cannot describe but can only feel. A visceral, instinctual revulsion.
It looks like the hand of one of those people that was only born with one finger on their hand


What in the actual fuck is it with people taking her defense?

The guy spits facts, giving her views means you indirectly give her money which she uses to fund her early death, aka eating

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