LIVING MY BEST LIFE 10/24/2019 -

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y'all dun stirred the (festive!) pot.
Can we just appreciate how based on the thumbnail she makes it look like she actually does stuff

She's never been living her best life. Even as a kid, she was dealt a shitty hand. She could change now that she's independent with a pretty good income and people that want her to succeed (even if it's tough love) but I guess she likes living this way or is in a preteen mindset like someone else said. So by her standards, I guess not having to listen to anyone is the best, even if it means making dumb choices. Did she ever really get to have that before? A rebellious teenager phase?
This is what I thought when I saw her thumbnail. She's trying to make it seem like she's active but you know she spent the rest of that 24 hours on her ass.

Testing out couches Amber? Can you imagine all the dandruff, body fluid, animal feces, and rotting food crumbs she left on all of the couches she sat on? I hope whichever poor sap buys that couch washes the coverings first.


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Why did Amber do her makeup like a woman who works in a truck stop diner by day, but sucks dicks at the designated resting area by night?
Maybe she thinks the garish makeup will distract people from how fat she is? It reminds me of those really fat people you see sometimes dressed in very attention getting clothes that don’t flatter their body type at all, to distract from how fat they are. Al could also just be wearing it to woo Dusty back as well. Al has put a lot more effort into her appearance lately compared to before D&D came back to Kentucky.
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She's too much of a narc to stop doing "Comment of the Day".

Her response to the comment saying that she looks bigger everyday is that he's delusional since she's losing weight, so there's no way for her to get bigger if she's losing weight.

But then responds to the comment saying that the bright side is that she's not 600 lbs by saying that she's maintaining her current weight and does hope to get healthier.

So, which is it, Amber? Are you fucking losing weight or maintaining it?
Duh, she's gaining. That's why either lie is acceptable whenever it works to her advantage; at the very least she isn't admitting the real truth...

That she's over 600 elbees and hasn't lost more than a giant shit's worth of weight since her 100 days of uploadeeen started (at the VERY least, and I'm being generous)

edit: also, Mimi was a genius and goddess compared to Amber. Also like 200 elbees lighter lol

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Maybe Norma is busy trying to figure out a new blurb for Jerry's fundraiser - that's still sitting at $0. Every time I think Becky can't look more miserable - she does. Presumably she's got her medical appointments going on, possibly still driving Norma back & forth to hers & I'm sure a weekend of frumpy, freaky house guests & Driving Miss Ditzy to & from her dates with her ex & ex's current squeeze is just what she wants to be doing. Amber is wearing that dress she acknowledged in the haul that she'd need Becky's help to button up at the neck. Although judging by the look of it, I suspect it's not buttoned - it should be lying right up close to the bottom of her neck & the lace looks loose. She's still gaining - her jowls are rapidly colonizing new air space.


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She's a good one to say someone is delusional.
No big ass behemoth you are delusional as all hell.
You think you're cute and the makeup you wear is garish. No one pays much attention to the makeup. They're all staring at the fucking freak show you are. With your 600lb deformed body.
Becky moping around hunched over like a depressed sloth. She looks like shit.

Fucking delusionalynn at it again.
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How much pizza do ya think Big Al packs away before waddling into the arcade and screehing at people? Betcha it's a lot, a few days in a row too....and she doesn't even LIKE pizza that much. Poor gorl, the self-sacrificing is real....
If she was alone? She could clear 2 medium pizzas and 2 pitchers by herself. With Dana and that Gracie girl there, she probably ate 4 slices and texted Becky about getting mcdonalds on the way home. She wants to seem light and danity/femme in front of everyone, but she will let loose when they get home.

I genuinely cant tell if she is serious that this is "living life" I mean she's heaving her body from stool to bench to chair to car. Goodwill she's sitting on the fucking couch because she cant shop with everyone and Becky has to stand there and keep her company instead of walking with everyone. Everyone's plans if you come along depends on if you can make it inside and sit somewhere Jesus Christ


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This whole video was so gross why the fuck do I watch this? Was that Jaime Lannister in the movie? She's getting more exercise with D&D around (don't they have jobs?) but probably eating more too.

I'm back to wishing bad things for her, they're all so horrible except for the fags.

Amberlynn buying affection from the small girl the same way she does Twinkie, fucking creepy. I hope that kid doesn't stay around Hamber too long because there's no way she wouldn't balloon up when she's surrounded by like ~1200 lb of human fat.

The girl's parents are either equal pieces of shit that don't mind their kid being away for extended amounts of time around people like Amberlynn or Al's just too dense to realize how many creep alarms she sets off with shit like this.

She's a good one to say someone is delusional.
No big ass behemoth you are delusional as all hell.
You think you're cute and the makeup you wear is garish. No one pays much attention to the makeup. They're all staring at the fucking freak show you are. With your 600lb deformed body.
Becky moping around hunched over like a depressed sloth. She looks like shit.

Fucking delusionalynn at it again.
THe fucking mental image of AL at Chuck E Cheese or something and she's got a limp piece of crappy pizza in her fingers like it's a cigarette and she's hamfisting a pitcher of beer in the same hand, and she's shoving some kid off the like fucking Time Splitters 3 machine they used to have at every movie theater. "Get outta the way kid, I need to do this for my vlog!" It's just hilarious to me. I like to imagine AL off camera has like a smokers voice or some shit, she sounds like a guido or something and she's actually just a phenomenally good actor on camera. It would be the ultimate irony.
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I love, love, love the victimlynn story of how the pride sticker suddenly disappeared off their car. Gotta remind the new viewers that she's a lesiban and that she's a victim class and will always be one.

We all know that retail is fucking rough. Especially at soul sucking corporation like Wommart. If you have sunken that low, would you risk your minimum wage job and "hate crime" on your personal record just to stick it to these two lesbians that, lets be real, straight men are thankful that they'll never take the hit.

I'm calling it now, Dusty removed that magnet to be shady or to make up some drama

Haesindang Park
The check engine light. Good grief. Becky blobbing into Auto Zone. Auto Zone guy sells them an air filter INSTEAD of hooking up an ODB scanner and reading the fucking code?? Okay, maybe he did and she didn't mention it. And I didn't hear a mention of whether the light actually went OUT after the new air filter. These people are complete fucking re.tards. I would of told them the flux capacitor failed, then changed a fuse, and charged them $400. Flux capacitors be some expensive shit, yanno?

Typically, a check engine light indicates something wrong with a vehicle's emission system, or a component that's causing a misfire (i.e., fouled spark plug) and throwing off more emissions than normal. Believe it or not, it can even be caused by a loose gas cap. One of the components involved here is a Mass Airflow sensor or MAF. If indeed the air filter was never changed and clogged, the MAF would throw a code because not enough air was making it into the engine, meaning not enough oxygen to maintain a stoichiometric ratio (ideal parts of fuel and oxygen for complete combustion). And just having the oil changed, the engine is now running much smoother and likely pulling more air on demand as it revs faster when you step on the gas. So Leadfoot Becky likely stuck her foot to the floor in her usual fashion, the engine revved more quickly with fresh oil, and the MAF decided it was choking without enough air.

And oh my, how fucking horrible that it just ruined Hamber's play at the arcade day! Bitch, service the fucking car once in awhile beyond an oil change and you won't have these issues.
Even though it's 2019, I don't know why you guys honestly expect two morbidly obese lesbians to know about cars and auto maintainence. Not even a Toyota could withstand their weight. I could recommend a Dodge ProMaster or Mercedes Sprinter where Amber can wheel herself in on her scootypuff and Becky can be the driver for comfort but even that, I doubt they'll last long under their weight.

It's amazing how modern cars have computers in them to auto-regulate and make them last longer in harsh conditions but there are no computer programs and parts that helps modern cars withstand the weight of morbidly obese passengers and drivers.


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Becky couldnt wait to state they were being discriminated due to being fat dykes.
Meanwhile she claims how she loves living there.. mmmkay Jan. You are only cut out for Kentucky Becky, you would be mowed down by real life and people anywhere else thats has streetlamps on at night.
That Dana and Dusty were so upset their fag pride stickur fell off their car they had to CALL AL to tell her.
These are obeast dykes dont go to pride, their pride extends to wearing ugly ass rainbow merch and thats it.


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I swear this is the 20th or so video of hers titled this. That or I’m getting deja vu. She’s such a broken record
Yeah, just trying to stick it to the haydurs by showing what an amazeen life she has, not realizing that it only points up how pathetic and sad her life actually is. That title should end in a question mark but Big Al isn't that self aware...

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