Living with a female brain and male reproductive organs - Why truscums are hated in the LGBTQ advocacy community

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Probably wearing pants.
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How the fuck does this disgusting filth monster instantly turn an apartment into something that looks like a back alley dumpster? Does he actually magically generate piles of garbage wherever he stands?
Tom is the living embodiment of Pigpen.

Constantly generating filth when there's no filth to be had.

Chad Nasty

Optimus Faggot
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He stated back in August of 2017, "I no longer have an active male organ." Apparently the HRT finished what Creation started. What's funny is he is still pushing the narrative that he lost his virginity back in September of last year, which if basic Sex Ed is correct, you need a functioning penis to penetrate a vagina and this nigga ain't got one lol.

Holy shit. Just look at the abject squalor in which this man lives.


I feel fantastic
Okay, going back to the beginning and a question for Tom (not that I expect an answer):

Have you ever had any actual testing for chromosomal disorders? Do you have androgen insensitivity disorder, Klinefelter’s, Turner’s, Jacob’s? Anything like that? No?

I can probably answer this myself: no and no. (rates self autistic)