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I originally discovered while looking for new domain names to switch to from I found the .farm TLD had come out recently and checked to see if was taken. Not only was it taken, it was in use.

Back in the day, lolcows were not conglomerated as they are now. Each board on 4chan had lolcows. /v/ had CWC, /co/ had Andrew Dobson, /b/ had Jessi Slaughter, /pol/ had Ben Garrison, /cgl/ had a variety of girls. is a migration from 4/cgl/ after the moderators cracked down on gossip stuff.

While I've never considered a particularly sickly community, I can say with certainty it has degraded into what essentially is a Wizardchan for Women. If you attempt to access from 8chan, you are redirected to The only other website I know that does this is Wizardchan. This shows they have something to hide.

There are three boards on - Random stuff. - Girl talk. Bitching about men, not finding dates, and casual encounters. - Pixyteri / Lolcows. Nitpicking random women's personalities and every cosmetic asset.

Click any thread at all on their boards. They are the most petty, catty people I've ever seen. Everyone is either ...
- Too thin! Eat something!
- Too fat! Lose weight!
- Too old! Stop doing cosplay / lolita / camshows!
- Too young (looking)! Stop pandering to pedophiles!
- Ugly! Does she have fetal alcohol syndrome, LOL???
- Gross boobs!
- Boobs too far apart!
- Boobs too low on abdomen!
- Areola too big!
- Mosquito nipples!

And it just goes on, and on. I now know how those shitty tabloid magazines stay in business, and it's these fucking people.

Homework for anyone willing: Go to the site, find a post, bring it back.


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Huh, "most of them really do appear to be vile, entitled pigs".

Firstly, what kind of people are you getting around, anonymous female?

Secondly, this opinion is double-ended. Women can exploit men as much as men can exploit women.

The obvious solution is to not walk into the strip club and expect drunkards going through a mid-life crisis to be caring and responsible people.

Emiya Kiwitsugu

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I hate all men I hope they die.

But in all honesty, this really does feel like a sex swapped love-shy board. Between the hating the opposite gender, >tfw no g/bf, and the insulting other users for some retarded aesthetic reason that only a major autist would care about.

Do they have anything as specific as maxillas?


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I don't understand the big deal about penises. Does that count?
Maybe if we could just magically have them for a day, then we would understand the penile plight. :oops:

A female Wizardchan seems like it would be scarier than the regular... Instead of just collecting pee in jars, it would also include menstrual blood.

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@Emiya Kiwitsugu, boobs and labia sizes, colours and "curtain" types.

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