Lolcow holy relics / sites of pilgrimage -

I Love Beef

Channel Awesome Studios, Chicago, Illinois - Reasons self explanatory
Aurora, Illinois - Spoony's house
The Tennessee town Lindsay Ellis got arrested for public drunkenness
Any copy of TGWTG movie specials

Funimation Studios, Texas
Christopher Sabat's casting couch (admittedly cursed)
Ron Toye's TV remote control used to beat Monica Rial
Chris MacDonald's apartment, Quebec, Canada
Where Zac Bertschy used to live, South California, near Disneyland
Hope Chapman's coming out of the closet video on Youtube
The destroyed TVs from the convention when KickVic retaliated when Weeb Wars started

No, I am not helping with dox, I am lazy, see respective threads.


I'm a sick Kong. I like a quick dong.
Manchester High School. Chris' rosebud. Adult men snooping around a high school would probably raise a few eyebrows but hey that comes with the Kiwi turf.
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Billy Rocker

Halle shooter's shitty homemade weapons, as well as his Longsword. Seriously, to think he could make a lot of homemade explosives and buy an actual hunting rifle, but merely had them as "fallback weapons" and went with shit that looks like Ace of Spades guns/Fallout 4 pipe rifles.

Also, the based door that stopped him.
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