LOLCOW OF THE YEAR 2020 - Ethan Ralph wins! - Good job, Gunt!

Lolcow of the Year (vote for three)

  • Amberlynn Reid

  • Christian Weston Chandler

  • Ethan Ralph / Gunt / TheRalphRetort

  • Jonathan Yaniv

  • Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil

  • StoneToss / Red Panels

  • Bob "MovieBob" Chipman

  • Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka

  • Conald Petersen / Fedsmoker

  • Kevin Gibes / TransSalamander

  • Russell Greer

  • Melinda Leigh Scott / TamarYaelBatYah

  • Anisa Jomha

  • Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

  • Nikocado Avocado / Nicholas Perry

  • Gregory James Daniel Jackson Avaroe

  • "Assigned Male" by Sophie Labelle Verville / Guillaume Labelle

  • Boogie2988 / Steven Jason Williams

  • Baked Alaska / Tim Treadstone / Tim Gionet

  • Louis "Lou" Gagliardi / Alex "Ace" Maddox / acekatt

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It's time.

Last year, we saw Jonathan Yaniv hold on to the title of Lolcow of the Year for a second consecutive year. Can he do it a third time? Or will one of the bold new contenders dethrone the bulbous monstrosity?

These 20 lolcows were chosen from among the winners and highest vote-getters of the 2020 Julay awards. Many races were extremely close, and there were several who barely missed the cut. These honorable mentions include YandereDev, Momokun, Amos Yee, and Tommy Tooter. Some award categories were excluded from the final 20 because their winner didn't do enough of note this past year.

The final nominees are:

Subforum Cows
Amberlynn Reid
Christian Weston Chandler
Ethan Ralph / Gunt / TheRalphRetort
Jonathan Yaniv
Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil

Best Artcow
StoneToss / Red Panels

Best Careercow
Bob "MovieBob" Chipman and Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka (both had a high number of votes and had big years)

Best Mad Cow & Best Put-to-Pasture Cow
Conald Petersen / Fedsmoker

Best Horrorcow & Best Fresh Meat
Kevin Gibes / TransSalamander

Best Cultcow
Russell Greer

Best Miscellaneous Main Forum Lolcow
Melinda Leigh Scott / TamarYaelBatYah

Queen of the Beauty Parlour
Anisa Jomha

Breaker of Scales
Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty and Nikocado Avocado / Nicholas Perry

Best Trainwreck
Onision / Gregory James Daniel Jackson Avaroe

Best Tumblrina
"Assigned Male" by Sophie Labelle Verville / Guillaume Labelle

Best Internet Famous Lolcow
Boogie2988 / Steven Jason Williams and Baked Alaska / Tim Treadstone / Tim Gionet

Best Furfag
Louis "Lou" Gagliardi

There are a few other user-nominated awards that still need to be voted for. Post your vote for those awards as a reply to this thread or message me.

Best Lolcow-Related Pic

"A Light Snack" (Bob "Moviebob" Chipman)
a light snack.jpg

"Dildo Wall" ("Assigned Male" by Sophie Labelle Verville / Guillaume Labelle)

"Antifa Cake" (ADF / Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici / Isabel Rosa Araujo)

"We're not friends" (Bob "MovieBob" Chipman)

"OMW 2 Court lol" (Onision / Gregory James Daniel Jackson Avaroe)

Best Lolcow-Related Video

View attachment 1822259
(Luna Slater)

Ethan Ralph's sex tape (NSFW)

(Melinda Leigh Scott / Nick Rekieta)

Jonathan Yaniv in the jacuzzi with his mother

(Christian Weston Chandler)

Best Lolcow Fanwork

(fanwork of Ethan Ralph by Matt Jarbo)


(fanwork of Stephanie Cianfriglia / Sapphire Crimson Claw's "Womb Wizard" incident)


(fanwork of Kevin Gibes / TransSalamander)


(fanwork of Kevin Gibes / TransSalamander)


(fanwork of Juliana "J" Aprileo / comfyfattravels)

Best Yaniv Moment

Accusing Amy Hamm of sexual assault

Charged for making threats against Chris Elston

Attacking Keean Bexte

The catfish fiance saga

Best CWC Moment

Winner determined from nomination round - "The merge is on." It was not close.
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I think moviebob deserves the award this year.

Like, not only did the coof ruin all of his plans (if there even where any) but he was also fired from the escapist AND got told off by his favorite sausage feminazi. Because of that, he couldn't even celebrate that cheetoman lost because of this.

How can you get fucked so bad?

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On one hand, it's a shame that Ron Toye didn't get some recognition especially given how strong he was for the first half of the year. However, I think we haven't quite reached his peak yet.

Oh well. Disappointed that Brianna kind of petered out and is now directionless. My votes went to Ethan for everything, Lowtax for losing his site like a dumbass, and Yaniv for continuing to be the public figure trans rights deserves.

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Ethan Ralph fucked up in basically every way possible, it all went down hill for him when he started emulating his surrogate dad Dick Masterson.

Boogie1488 for shooting a stray bullet in a church and school zone.

Baked Alaska for picking fights and macing countless amounts of people finally gets hit with charges then super spreads covid-19 also possible herpies.

Honorable Mentions:

DSP spending 10's of thousands of dollars on a WWE mobile p2w app, Avoids bankruptcy because he dumped all his stats into Luck.

Movie Bob defending Cuties then getting shutdown by Lindsay Ellis was brutal.

Dax Herrara AKA Dick Masterson losing his payment processing platform due to the trolling of a Fat Canadian by the name of PPP and a coked out Britbong Godwinson. He then proceeded to have a meltdown and started defending his Pedophile employee and propping up Cuties did nothing wrong.