LOLCOW OF THE YEAR 2020 - Ethan Ralph wins! - Good job, Gunt!

Lolcow of the Year (vote for three)

  • Amberlynn Reid

  • Christian Weston Chandler

  • Ethan Ralph / Gunt / TheRalphRetort

  • Jonathan Yaniv

  • Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil

  • StoneToss / Red Panels

  • Bob "MovieBob" Chipman

  • Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka

  • Conald Petersen / Fedsmoker

  • Kevin Gibes / TransSalamander

  • Russell Greer

  • Melinda Leigh Scott / TamarYaelBatYah

  • Anisa Jomha

  • Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

  • Nikocado Avocado / Nicholas Perry

  • Gregory James Daniel Jackson Avaroe

  • "Assigned Male" by Sophie Labelle Verville / Guillaume Labelle

  • Boogie2988 / Steven Jason Williams

  • Baked Alaska / Tim Treadstone / Tim Gionet

  • Louis "Lou" Gagliardi / Alex "Ace" Maddox / acekatt

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I voted for Ralph, Boogie, and Anisa. Ralph has really had an impressive year, not really standing out to me before, but he has tanked so incredibly hard and fast that its truly impressive. Boogie had a great moment with Frank Hassle, which was probably one of the funniest moments of 2020, and even reaching mainstream meme status with it. Anisa Seems to beand underdog pick, but I think she deserves more credit. She's a true trainwreck, and even more than embarrassing herself, she's managed to pull down idubbbz with her, who used to be on the top of the world just a few years ago. His reputation was still good even into this year, taking a huge hit because Anisa is such a pathetic fuckup.

For best lolcow pic I'm going to have to give it to "We're not friends" (Bob "MovieBob" Chipman). the other moviebob pic is gold as well, but theres something special about the complete and utter rejection he faces here.

Best lolcow related video is Ralph's sex tape, easy choice imo.

Best lolcow fanwork is World's best dad. MC Jarbo is great and its probably one of his best works.

Haven't followed Yaniv closely enough to know his specific arcs lately.

Maude Snew

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Lowtax lost 100k+ a year from Patreon alone, no idea how much from his site all for sniffing the feet of crazy, Russ finally got smacked down in court, and Anisa is taking ol' pedostache for a free ride for life. I know Ralph and Boogie both had a really strong year, you can't really beat that though. Yeah, Yaniv got in trouble but unless the Canadian courts grow some balls nothing will come of it.


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Pretty sure Ethan Ralph is gonna win because the corn stuff was big, but IMO Kevin Gibes takes the cake. He almost singlehandedly got me to sign up when I hadn't felt the need previously. This year has been such a rollercoaster of degeneracy with him that it's hard to believe it has been such a short time. That said, Ethan is a huge fuckup but not quite cut off your cock to achieve ultimate coom and then realize you've ruined your life. Not yet, anyway.


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It's a bit of a bummer Ron Toye didn't make the cut. I suppose unless you browse Weeb Wars you have no idea what an insanely entertaining lolcow he is. I was also really hoping to see Chloe (DissociaDID) make it in. The Gunt is gonna win in a massive landslide.

Best Lolcow-Related Pic: We're Not Friends
Best Lolcow-Related Video: Ethan Ralph's Sex Tape
Best Lolcow Fanwork: DA GUNT - World's Best Dad
Best Yaniv Moment: Catfish Fiance Saga

I enjoyed this. Made me review old moments and discover great new ones and new cows. Cheers.

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I too was hoping for Chloe Wilkinson/DissociaDID to make it on the list. She and her pedo-furry-sneeze-porn-drawing fiance Nanette Zuniga/Team Pinata managed to shatter the online DID LARPing community this year, pretty much single-handedly.

I have a feeling Ethan Ralph is going to win because of the past few months, I mean the man (and his gunt) ended up with his own forum. I can't argue with results.

But I would like to put in a word for everybody's favourite amhole to come second.

Despite being a newcomer, Kevin Gibes has been a consistent milk producer throughout 2020.

Discovered late last year because he wouldn't shut up about unpopular star wars opinions, his list of fetishes runs multiple pages, he rivals Paris Hilton in his ability to look exactly the same in every photo, and a full year after he got SRS, he still believes the nerves in his destroyed inverted penis aren't destroyed, they're just still "waking up".

He lives (and avoids working) on self-proclaimed "trans haven" Tenacious Unicorn Ranch in Colorado, lovingly nicknamed by Kiwifarmers "the Tranch". The Tranch happens to be an alpaca farm woefully and incompetently run solely by troons who are constantly grifting to stay alive even though one of the stated goals of the farm is self-sufficiency.

They can't even fix their own cars and they are currently hauling locals' recycling around in horse trailers as part of a contract with local government.

Meanwhile the farm was so unprofitable (which anyone would have known if they had bothered to research profitability before starting) that it has been turned into an alpaca "rescue", as well as a rescue for other animals. In reality this means hoarding a bunch of animals, most of whom are unfixed, and begging for money to feed them.

Problems aplenty also exist with the human inhabitants of the ranch. They live in conditions that are getting grosser and grosser, with indoor dogs and cats that number well into the teens, in very cramped conditions (oh yeah and they didn't get a building inspection before buying the property). They don't have a designated cook or cleaning person.

And the problem with inviting commie twitter troons to live on your ranch is that these are the kinds of commies who don't want to work, they just want to lie around and complain all day. So there is a small rotation of new troons coming in then getting kicked out (one of whom has claimed the Tranch owners abused him).

Oh and they're also gun nuts. Ill-informed gun nuts.

Kevin and the Tenacious Ranch deserve to place highly in the 2020 rankings, change my mind.
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Ralph because he turned his life into such a fucking dumpster fire this year it earned him a subforum.

DSP because he managed to demonstrate ungodly luck in bankruptcy court, being able to get his debt wiped even though he was dropping $40,000 on pixelated wrestlers.

MovieBob mainly because fuck MovieBob.
How the hell @BoxerShorts47 isn't nominated is beyond me. He must have the lowest reaction score at over -38000 and counting. That is lower than the lolcows on that list. And here is the best part, that Filipino who claims to Serbian or former Soviet or what not just joined the forum this year!

By the way, my picks are Melinda Leigh Scott because she left an impression on me when she posted on this forum, Chris Chan because he holds a special place in my heart and of course Ethan Ralph.

Talking about Ethan Ralph is most of my activity on the site and it is just amazing to see how he self destructed after his divorce. I agree with Null, it takes quite a lot to find a new girlfriend who is barely legal, get into trouble with her parents, impregnate her, cheat on her with another mentally ill woman then get charged with revenge porn in a span of a few months!