Lolcow that makes you hate minorities and female people the worst - Roasties are worse than my niggers


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I guess MerQueenJude has given me more dislike towards Puerto Ricans , but that’s only because she’s so insufferable. Then again, I don’t know many Puerto Ricans, so it isn’t a really good metric anyway. Jude’s parents seem nice, but they are definitely enablers.

Chris Chan makes me wish there were less autism awareness.

KiwiFarms as a whole has made me weary of anyone that describes themselves as “queer”, “nonbinary”, and/or “trans”. I’m sure there might be a decent person here or there, but the Farms has an over representation of genderspecials.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment, but it isn’t really hatred, it’s just annoyance. Ultimately, I just feel bad for genuinely good people being grouped in with the cows.

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Ghazi Kodzo. Worst kind of nigger I could ever imagine.

All of the dangerhair culture warriors and all of the trannies. I don't really mind THOTs, as they don't shit everything up.
Except when they get a gig at one of those hip on-line opinion sites like HuffPo, Salon, Vice, or Vox.