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Before I consider the LCW officially "launched", I want to write a stellar article on the Lolcow Wiki itself and feature it on the forum using new features on the XenForo bridge.

The Lolcow Wiki has a pretty fascinating history, and it stretches back to 2014, so it's technically older than the Kiwi Farms itself and has been in an invite-only beta phase for that entire time. It started out as a Parkourdude91 version of the CWCki, and the original database was grabbed from the Gamerfood wiki by DeagleDad. The foundation has since then been warped considerably, and now it's a general purpose Wiki.

My vision for this is to have a comprehensive page for every thread in the Lolcows board. I see the forum as research, sharing, and discussion, but a big thread can get messy and confusing. It begins to lose itself, and the OP is quickly outdated. If the user who started the thread isn't even around, nothing about the OP stays up to date. It gets messy fast. The Lolcow Wiki is my solution; a collaborative OP that's maintained and branched out over time.

I have ways of doing this and encouraging activity, and I'll see them to fruition this month. I'm pushing for this now because I think the Kiwi Farms as a single entity is at carrying capacity. It's either evolve or stagnate, and this is my plan.

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I'm glad that this is finally going into effect. It's nice to see some attention going to the wiki. @Jaimas and myself have been the only two regular contributors for waaay too long. It's time we get some help! Though, I do thank the ones that have decided to help out at times of course.

I've been trying to help out a lot, and others on this forum generally seem to believe I do a good job, but it's hard at times, y'know? I've got other shit going on, after all, and that gets in the way of writing up these articles.


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Something to remember about a lot of the Lolcows we chronicle on Lolcow Wiki is that many of them are insanely productive.

Chronicling Brianna Wu alone for the battery of articles she has surrounding the confusing spidernest that her career has taken an inordinate amount of time, and though I don't expect every lolcow we cover to have its own mini-CWCki on Lolcow Wiki, we'd like to keep things as informative and facts-oriented as possible.