Lolcows celebrating cancer death part 2: Electric Boogaloo -


Hi, Billy Mays here
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Post lolcows celebrating the death of the most recent cancer victim here

Main thread:

S to spit on the grave of a war profiteer. Fuck his family, too.
Just to spite that Obama giving fuck. Because of his pussy as a we had 8 years of that fuck. Looks like he went to Hanoi Hilton in heaven. Fuck him.
This fucking piece of garbage is DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of tens to hundreds of thousands Syrians by directly funding and arming murderous terrorists.

Fuck Obambacare or any other irrelevant crap, this rotting corpse was a war criminal.
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“This is what I *** to!”
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Before he was *anything* he was a traitor to America. From the moment he became a politician, he was a tool of the "military/industrial complex"... vouching for war on literally everyone, and wanting *other people* to die so he could get a pay off... (Of course he wouldn't risk himself though, his early betrayals prove that...) I don't forget. I'm glad Obama kicked his ass and...

Someone’s mad.

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