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I'm surprised there hasn't been a mention of Warhammer Fantasy yet - nearly every race and major faction there has a lolcow or horrorcow named character of some sort.

Mannfred von Carstein for the Vampire Counts is a huge lolcow. He has the biggest daddy issues of any other character with daddy issues and because of said issues is an arrogant, backstabbing prick who via such stabbery manages to fuck over the entire setting by killing one of the Incarnates when they were doing their Chaos world-ending rift-sealing ritual, then tries to steal the power of the ritual for himself. Gets killed by Tyrion of the High Elves shortly after, but the damage is done and the old world is consumed.

In a race full of horrorcows and lolcows in equal measure, no other Skaven than the Master Warlock Engineer of Clan Skryre, Ikit Claw, could claim the worst horrorcow title. His sole goal in life is to blow up the whole world for fame and lolz, including the fucking Chaos Moon which he eventually does in the End Times and results in the mass sacrifice of the Lizardmen race to stop the premature extinction of the world. He's also responsible for the setting's A-bomb, the Doomsphere, which works precisely as well as most Skaven tech does (read: horrifyingly well or misfires and kills a bunch of Skavenslaves nearby).
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Some of the rival gangs in Red Dead Redemption 2 are cows of some kind, like the Murfree Brood (inbred horrorcows) and the Lemoyne Raiders (basically 19th century western mall ninjas), but the biggest offenders are hands-down the Ku Klux Klan. They don’t really factor into the story, but a lot of times you can happen across one of their cross burning meetings. They’re all woefully incompetent, and if you leave them alone, they’ll always end up getting themselves killed through their own stupidity, like lightning themselves on fire while trying to set the cross ablaze, or having said cross topple over and crush them. Looting their corpses will yield letters that detail how they’re all pathetic losers in their day-to-day lives. They’re not even the real Klan; the KKK wasn’t actually active during 1899 to 1907 when the game takes place. They’re just a bunch of idiotic wannabes.

A few of the people who give out side quests are cows, too. Like Jeremy Gill, the alleged greatest fisherman in the world. When you meet him, he’s shocked that you don’t know who he is, and acts smug and condescending even though he’s a nobody. He’s the one who gives you the legendary fish questline, basically because he says that no one will care if you catch them cause you’re a nobody, but they will if he does cause he’s a “hyooj celebritee.”

The one time we do see him actually try and catch anything it ends up getting him killed.