Lolcows posting on their own thread -


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Fire occasionally pops up on his thread.
Autphag posted extensively on his own thread to the point it was unreadable for me.
Yeah, as a part of that clusterfuck, I'd say it's the ne plus ultra of 'plagued' threads. We just got sucked into this bizarre place with Autphag until we created our own lore.
I wasn't as bad as @LagoonaBlue's weird skype conversations with him, though....
You say that like they try and be sneaky about it, most of the time they'll openly admit who they are if it's not already their username.
Some do, some don't dare.
One group's lolcow, is another group's "out and proud" leader of the revolution that will single handedly change the country!


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What is the suggested route for cows? Should they not engage?
Pretty much. Any cow who comes on to their own thread is automatically at a disadvantage - they’re one well known person up against a whole forum of anonymous people. Time and time again I’ve seen cows show up, do the whole “sad basement dwellers” routine, get laughed at and disappear.


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@Agoraphobic Bullshit , never posted a "word salad" in my life. Also, was already mentioned on Page 1 by @Grimoire Canthari .

@Just A Butt , I agree that the suggestion by @chicken wings is ideal, but doesn't answer the question, as if one is following the "suggested route for cows", they have (through no fault of their own) become one (in the opinions of many, as it was repeatedly admitted by many members that actually doing so away from this site is impossible.