Lolcows that you considered Ungodly Lucky -

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You know the ones. The ones who fuck up so badly yet RNG jesus comes out and saves them . Whether they get in trouble legally, physically, finacially, or other kinds of fuck ups that put them in certain situations that should be considered impossible to come out of.

At first I believed christan chandler was the luckiest man on the entire earth but then I found out about darksidephill and irs issue. Which got me thinking. What lolcows would you guys considered Lucky

the way he got his head out of the bankruptcy noose was crazy

also ashley isaacs.
any reasonable person would have expected her to die like 5 years ago, but she somehow manages to survive to this day, despite having a body that looks like it is completely incapable of sustaining life. her continued existence defies all science and logic.
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At this point I’m pretty sure DSP has magical powers, but that’s the obvious answer.
The fact that Asanti isn’t dead yet is a miracle for him.