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Think of this as a 'guilty pleasure' sort of thing. Who are some people that are considered lolcows that you personally like in spite of their lolcow status?

Some that I have are Digibrony, Kraut and Tea (at least before his war with the alt-right), and Hbomberguy.

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I haven't read JF Gariépy's thread but I don't even believe the allegations, it all seems like handwringing bullshit, he slept with a girl with aspergers or something and someone else took him to court on her behalf and against her wishes? Whatever.
Other than that he's just a funny little frenchman with an interesting doomsday prophecy, I look forward to reading his book.
E-drama and "bloodsports" does not a lolcow make.


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Jim Sterling. Mostly because I stay the fuck away from his Twitter feed and just watch his videos, which I find to be pretty entertaining.

Also Linkara. I rarely watch his content unless the comic he's reviewing is particularly infamous (Holy Terror for example), but hearing the accounts from ERod and other people makes me think he's a genuinely nice guy. His only crimes were not hiding his fetishes very well, drawing a terrible webcomic which he has acknowledged was bad, and dumping IronLiz when she announced she was transitioning fully to female which is really the only questionable thing Lewis has done in my eyes (and even then I can't fully fault him for it, if he was only attracted to Liz because she had a dick then forcing himself to still be with her would've just made both of them miserable in the end).


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Andy "The Darkfister" Warski; that is if you want to consider him a lolcow in the first place (which I'm still not sure if I would yet compared to other people involved in the Internet Bloodsports fad). The only genuine issue I have is how easy it is for him to become someone's doormat, in particular his submissive relationship to JF (though some frictions have appeared as of late). While I enjoy the IBS for lulz I do like his unironic autism that has created tremendous amounts of lulz (him being trolled by King Karl, him unironically naming his second show The Purple Dragon, his Let's Play of Welcome to the Game II etc.). Darkfist was also pretty good IMHO for a low budget flick.

While Temple OS may not be on par with Windows or Linux (though still more stable than the disaster that was Windows Vista), I'll have to give props to Terry A. Davis for creating an OS in the first place. Personally I consider him more of a sadcow as you have a man with some genuine talent being completely fucked over by his mental disabilities. Besides, if it wasn't for him, who else would have warned us of luminescent African-Americans working for the CIA?

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Jim Sterling does indeed produce alright content as long as you stay away from his twitter feed, but as far as straight-up enjoyable lolcows go my vote's gotta be for Terry A. Davis. Dude built his own operating system while also being more cuckoo than an antique clock store, what's not to like about that?

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This was a hard pick for me, but I'm gonna go with Spoony (after TGWTG, his content only got better as few and far between it is) and Kevin Allred just for how rediculous he is.

Ah, fuck. Nah, Terry A. Davis is my all time favorite on just a pure intellectual scale though. Like, what a bant.

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