Lolcows that you personally like -

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Why though? His content is rather subpar in terms of both editing and scriptwriting.

and boogie(not too sure why he is considered a lolcow other than being a literal cow)
He's constantly throwing pity parties for himself and inserting himself into controversies. And the divorce stuff leaking into his newer videos has been pretty off-putting to top off all the garbage that's been getting in the way of him actually being funny or endearing like in his older stuff.


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Why though? His content is rather subpar in terms of both editing and scriptwriting.

He's constantly throwing pity parties for himself and inserting himself into controversies. And the divorce stuff leaking into his newer videos has been pretty off-putting to top off all the garbage that's been getting in the way of him actually being funny or endearing like in his older stuff.
I just enjoy watching mr enter rant about shitty cartoons is all tbh

and fair enough


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I always thought people here were being unfairly hard on Idea Guy, a lot of his ideas were actually fairly creative and competently executed. The problem was that fucking with Chris in itself just isn't as funny as it used to be. Forcing Christ to make Rosechu trans and making him fuck Sonichu in the ass would've been funny as hell in 2008, when Chris still had some fire in him. But now it felt like he was just causing more misery to a disturbed old man.

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Bogleech, his interests and mine intersect at many points, and he's generally just an eccentric and creative guy. I'm a big fan of too many of his projects to drop him because he pops off into cringe-inducing political tumblr rants.
Styx and Digibro fall into the same category. They've got lots of annoying shit going against them, but they seem like genuine guys passionate about what they do. I haven't watched any of Styx's shit in a while, does he still bend over backwards to dick suck Trump and proclaim every single one of his actions as 4D chess?
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Mister Metokur can be lolcow-y in his own right on occasions, especially when it comes to his obnoxious "TROLOLOLOL I JUST LOOOOOOVE A DUMPSTER FIRE, BLOODSPORTS4LYFE," "HEY REMEMBER HOW I TROLLED HABBERMAN 24 HOUR OPS LOL," and "THIS IS THE INTERNET DEAL WITH IT FayGOT" attitude when it comes to drama or criticism, as well as his tendency to bitch out and reset his entire online status once he gains an audience, but I still like his content.

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If I had to make a list of lolcows I actually liked, these would be the people on the list.

Chris (Yeah, he did some shitty stuff during the "Classic" era, but now he's so pathetic and harmless that I pity him)

Pixyteri (She was once the female equivalent of Chris, I'm glad she got her shit together and moved on with her life)

Sailormoonred1 (He's a low-functioning sperg but he's harmless and didn't deserve the hate he got from the trollshielders)

Sammy Classic Sonic Fan (was a funny lolcow, but grew up and moved on with his life)

MsUmlaut (if I remember correctly, she was the first of A-Log's pals to jump ship and move on with their lives)

David Gonterman (The Proto-Chris, however he did get some semblance of self-awareness, so I do pity him)

Todd Daugherty (Yeah, he's a scumbag, but there's a sense of silly novelty to him being a weeaboo senior citizen)

With the noted exception of Todd Daugherty (who I find to be more of a funny novelty), all of these lolcows are either completely harmless or near harmless (Chris, Duane) or became self-aware and worked on their lives, essentially moving on from being lolcows (Pixyteri, SammyClassicSonicFan, etc.).


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I honestly liked Maddox until the abrupt 180 that came with the closure of The Biggest Problem in the Universe. I also liked The Nostalgia Critic until about five years ago, when he basically quit his day job (reviewing) to pursue his hopeless acting career.
George was crazy even through his podcasts golden age.

His autistic editing of the episodes to make it look like he won are a good example of this.

He's just really divisive. He has opinions that are going to seem appealing to people, and then others that might kinda surprise them once they've been drawn in and are surprised by something else that they disagree with.

Ultimately (and this goes for anyone, not just Jim) I don't think it's hard to continue to enjoy his content despite not liking some political views or any other opinion he may have; you can still enjoy seeing him talk shit about AAA games or just making fun of some garbage indie release without having to accept everything he stands for. Just like rooting for an athlete on the team you love even though they might be a dickhead off the court, or still being able to admit an actor/actress is talented despite them saying something you personally disagree with.
My criticism is entirely focused on his work and message.


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There are a lot of people who have ended up on these forums that I happen to like (at least to a degree), or even be really big fans of. But, for brevity, here are the ones that I like the most (or at least are the most notable to me).

1. Carl Benjamin, a.k.a. Sargon of Akkad
2. Paul Joseph Watson
3. Doug Walker a.k.a. the Nostalgia Critic
4. George Ouzounian a.k.a. Maddox
5. John Peter Bain a.k.a. TotalBiscuit
6. Felix Lace a.k.a. Black Pigeon Speaks
7. Thomas James Kirk a.k.a the Amazing Atheist
8. Jim Sterling
9. Andy Warski
10. Charles "Dusty" Smith a.k.a. Cult of Dusty


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  • The Nostalgia Chick. Lindsay was always my favorite contributor on TGWTG. I don't think she's as much of a radical nut-job as some make her out to be.
  • Laci Green. She's done some dumb stuff (particularly the "learn to law" thing) but her videos are typically reasonable and informative and I really enjoyed them in high school.
  • Some of the transtrender cows I had zero problems with until they transitioned (pun intended) into fake dysphoria mode. They'd be ok folks if they weren't oppression point thirsty.
  • I do not like TJ Kirk as a person; especially after the reddit rape scandal. Some of his older videos were entertaining though. I still think his "Banned from X" series is hilarious.
  • sammysonicfan was just a dumb kid. He's growing up to be well adjusted from what I've seen. Most kid lol-cows get a pass from me since they're still developing and typically grow out of being an lol-cow with maturity. All kids do stupid, cringy shit tbh.
  • Boogie. He has problems, but his thread is nothing more than casual a-logging. He's not as whiny or entitled as many other fatties, makes decent content and is generally nice.
  • Pixyteri. I agree with the viewpoint that she would of been fine and even likable if her mental illnesses were treated. Mostly I just feel sad for her.
  • Jennfer A Jay makes my day!
  • Luna Slater's art has potential and could actually be good if she went back to school or started practicing and learning new techniques (and how to correctly use copics FFS.) It's mostly just sad how she had an entire life ahead of her and threw it away.

While there are certainly cows I dislike, I'm neutral to most. Mostly they're just loony people that I wouldn't befriend but also wouldn't wish any ill-will towards. I could name plenty but I'll focus on one cow in particular. I think the cattiness and borderline a-logging towards ForeverKailyn goes overboard. It's insane to me that someone who can't read simple words like 'scuba' and doesn't understand when she's being pranked by obviously illegitimate companies or duped into breaking up with her boyfriend well into her late teens and twenties induces so much rage in people. People say it's because she neglects her daughter (which is indisputably terrible) but that's bullshit. She's been hated simply for being naive and stupid since day one. A lot of people disagree with me but I don't care.
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I gained some respect for David S Gallant after he left social media and stayed away. He figured out how to beat the kiwis.
Sometimes lolcows are better off not posting shit. -I know that's how KirbysLover went, and she's probably better off not attracting more attention to herself.

As for lolcows I like? I'd have to say SailorMoonRed1. He's a lot more intelligent than he lets on, and is relatively harmless.


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I just enjoy watching mr enter rant about shitty cartoons is all tbh
He's a terrible critic though. For someone who's "job" is to critic animation, he knows nothing about the history, technique or artistry behind his chosen medium. I don't understand why he chooses to critique comedy styles he doesn't understand either (particularly satire.) His low-level of education is really apparent. His voice is also grating imo. There's far better internet critics of his ilk out there. Don't understand the hype honestly.

Also Growing Around. Fucking lol.

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