Lolcows that you personally like -

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He's a terrible critic though. For someone who's "job" is to critic animation, he knows nothing about the history, technique or artistry behind his chosen medium. I don't understand why he chooses to critique comedy styles he doesn't understand either (particularly satire.) His low-level of education is really apparent. His voice is also grating imo. There's far better internet critics of his ilk out there. Don't understand the hype honestly.

Also Growing Around. Fucking lol.
yeah growing around is pretty lulzy and the kickstarter is funny.

his videos are just a guilty pleasure of mine


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Digibro has made some pretty good videos and has come off as surprisingly self-aware and mature at times. I still have some respect for him despite his weird Internet history and head-ass tendencies.

His content can be great, but his ego is going to ruin him. Digibro somehow manages to be on the wrong end of the dunning kruger effect despite being a good video maker.

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I know they're both massive cows who sperg out on social media, but I enjoy Kyle Kallgren's Brows Held High and Hbomberguy's videos. ContraPoints also released a couple good videos.
Kys, shit tastes.


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Put me down as yet another @jenffer a jay fan. She's always been friendly, unpretentious, and oddly charming. And I like how she's gotten under the skin of the repulsive "Pastor Slob" McKim.
@WogglebugLover is an example of a /cow/ who seems to be strangely flowering under Kiwi attention. She seems to have outgrown her earlier defensive and nasty tone here, and these days her quest to stake out an obscure corner of L. Frank Baum fanfic with her 'Bug videos is almost endearing.
And [B]@FeminineHygiene[/B] seemed like a decent chap who just happened to have a bizarre fetish.


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He doesn't have a thread here, nor should he, but Grim Reaper back in like 97/98 was the original lolcow. He shitted up the Interplay forums the point that the Interplay forum mods made user designations based off of his shenanigans. Developers of Fallout 2 put him in the game as a special encounter. And he was not that bad a dude to speak to, either.

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I have a very mixed opinion of just about everybody who is an alumni of TGWTG.

Spoony: Yes, he's shit NOW, but his early content is still great, and fondly remembered by many. He has (or at least had) talent. I still hold out a faint glimmer of hope he'll get his shit fixed.

JesuOtaku: I listen to ANNCast, and actually kinda-sorta like Jacob. Yes, there's some brief moments of SJW bullshit, but I've heard way worse, and there is some pretty interesting analysis of shows when they aren't discussing whether something is "problematic." On their Kill la Kill review, the hosts even mentioned that they're starting to get sick and tired of people asking them what they find problematic. One can certainly hope...

Doug Walker: All things considered, Nostalgia Critic wasn't a bad show.

Angry Joe: When he's not spurging the fuck out, he can do good reviews.

Brad Jones and Larry Bundy Jr. are also great, but they are A) Still affiliated with TGWTG, and B) Have never apparently been considered lolcow material by the farms. Which is probably good for them. Bennett the Sage seems like a cool guy too.


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Amberlynn: the commentary about her is hilarious. She is also very delusional so it’s really fun to hear her excuses and reasons for gaining weight. Her “Amberisms”, cooking, and fashion choices entertain me as well

Glitterandlazers: she wears the most ridiculous outfits. Like Amberlynn, she is very delusional about how she looks and wears obnoxious makeup. Her brand shilling is annoying though

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: her economic views and her attempts to be #relatable provide endless entertainment. It’s also enjoyable to see her turn against her own party members that have much higher seniority such as Nancy Pelosi.

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I'd also almost put Tonkasaw in the same boat as Spoony. He had a decent thing going, and then royally fucked it up on his own accord.

I don't know if I personally "like" him anymore (because his faggotry as of late has been pretty egregious), but I would say he's probably the lolcow that I'm most disappointed in.