Lolcows that you personally like -


The answer is always "porn."
I liked the first two of Chuck Wendig's Miriam Black books. I did not know he'd come quite so unglued in the last five years. Jeeze.

Angel Baby Firefly

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I like Big AL and Chantal for laughs.

I genuinely liked @DocHoliday1977

She seemed like an interesting lady before (and after tbh) she lost her marbles. Hope she's doing alright.


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I don’t know that I like Tim Whitbeck per se, but I don’t object to him and I wish him well.

There are a few YouTubers I don’t mind in small doses. Steve Shives (I stick to the Star Trek stuff), the Nostalgia Chick (but normally only one or two - I can’t binge her) and Quinton Reviews (I don’t follow the drama, but I enjoy his Doctor Who videos).


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I love Lindsay Ellis. She knows her shit, and unless I'm behind on my news, she's never actually done anything warranting lolcow status save make videos on the internet, have a dry sense of humor, and align left.

Gene Catlow/Albert Temple was an incredibly sweet guy with a horde of demons in his closet. He was more fucked up than anyone realized, but he really did leave the furry fandom a little colder when he went.

As shitty as Chris is, I wish things were better for him.

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My guilty pleasure would probably have to be nostalgia critic; I need a little bit of autistic hyperbole every now and then.
He and Everything Wrong With basically keep me from watching movies but still learning the general aspects of them. They're good at that, not much else.


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  1. Sargon of Akkad - I found his Civilization streams funny.
  2. Doug Walker - The Tommy Wiseau arc was hilarious. Is Tommy Wiseau himself a lolcow?
  3. Gaijin Goomba - Not a bad guy, really.


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renard/halley labs/lapfox trax/whatever you wanna call them (i just call them lapfox at this point) is a personal guilty pleasure of mine, along with birdie/lucifer. lapfox creates great techno music that makes up for their shitty overall personality, and birdie overall is the most interesting cows i know of, quite a few of his jokes have made me laugh, and his art and animation is pretty cool. i dont like these two personality-wise, more content-wise.
at this point, i kinda want a thread about birdie, though it probs wont happen since theres already an animation memer thread (even though birdie no longer makes animation memes).
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  1. Doug Walker - The Tommy Wiseau arc was hilarious. Is Tommy Wiseau himself a lolcow?
Tommy is the ultimate lolcow to the point that he has transcended lolcowdom. Remember, his ultimate goal was to create a beloved classic of American cinema that would be discussed for generations to come. And by god, the motherfucker succeeded far beyond his wildest dreams. The man managed to (completely accidentally, if you believe Greg) turn his lolcow tendencies into legitimate celebrity, and for that I can do nothing but salute him.

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I like Destiny alright. Even if he spazzes out too often and can't seem to decide what political label he wants to stick with he serves as a useful counterfoil to the likes of Sargon.

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