Lolcows that you personally like -


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Andy "The Darkfister" Warski; that is if you want to consider him a lolcow in the first place (which I'm still not sure if I would yet compared to other people involved in the Internet Bloodsports fad). The only genuine issue I have is how easy it is for him to become someone's doormat, in particular his submissive relationship to JF (though some frictions have appeared as of late). While I enjoy the IBS for lulz I do like his unironic autism that has created tremendous amounts of lulz (him being trolled by King Karl, him unironically naming his second show The Purple Dragon, his Let's Play of Welcome to the Game II etc.). Darkfist was also pretty good IMHO for a low budget flick.
The latest developments on Andy make my post awkward in hindsight. I don't particularly hate Andy, but dear God has he destroyed every reasonable goodwill and optimism any sane person can have.

My stance on Terry (RIP) still stands though.

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I don't know if I would call it "like" but I'm gonna go ahead and say that I genuinely harbored respect for Terry Davis as a programmer and intelligent person.

I used to harbor a weird mixture of pity and appreciation-of-intent for some of the Honey Badgers and their orbiters, but that's pretty much fucking gone now.

EDIT: Oh, notable mention to some of the names surrounding the Gamergate circus of retardation. A few seemed like reasonably well adjusted people at first (at least, in comparison to everyone surrounding them).

EDIT 2: OK, one more. Alex Jones is fucking hilarious and I'd have beers with the man.
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I like @Cowlick solely because he's so smug yet so criminally stupid it is endearing and amusing in a weird way.

The fact his continued presence on the Farms is driven entirely by his own unique blend of stupidity and arrogance is what makes him such a great lolcow.

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I have a soft spot for Luna Slater as I actually really like her art and I hope she gets her life together.

Also Terry Davis, RIP :heart-empty:


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Spoony. In some alternate universe where he didn't self-immolate he goes in to be one of the most successful content creators and develops a following on par with AVGN. He branches out and his irascible style works well when talking about TTRPGs, vidya, and movies. He develops a halfway decent merch line, gets married, stays out of debt and settles down and builds all of that on talent and hard work.

Just another example of living in the shit timeline.
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I liked aspects of Terry. There was sweet smart guy behind the crazy. If his brain had been slightly rewired, he'd have done Ted talks and raised quality kids.


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-JustinRPG, because despite his weird-ass sexual proclivities he is both very funny and quite harmless. Also he very rarely chimps out at anyone. Bless this weirdo.

-DisneyFan01 has had some bitchy moments I've heard, but apparently is very nice IRL. Some of my favorite cows are the chicks who are weirdly fixated on obscure characters (LadyAlt69, the Jiminy Cricket girl, etc...), she's a nice wholesome weird fangirl.

-FrenchQueen13 I think was her name? She's been inactive for years now but bless her, she was a jewel. Like DF01 above, she fit in the catagory of "chicks with weird crushes". In her case it was Louis XIII of France. She was apparently married to him and they would routinely have astral mind sex.

EDIT: I FORGOT KAY'S COOKING! Crazy ass British lady who can't cook for shit but always wears Iron Maiden shirts so fuck yeah.
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Pad just seemed like a nice, albeit confused, person who I hear is doing a lot better now. Pad is one of those cases where I think transitioning was the right thing to do due to her XXY thing. I hope Pad’s having a good life these days.
And, of course, Terry A. Davis. He was a tragic example of mental illness taking a large toll on a beautiful, brilliant mind. He seemed kind and thoughtful when he was more lucid. If only... I don’t know what. May God bless his soul and may he Rest In Peace.

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I was going to say MovieBob but he's soured even me on his stuff lately because he talks increasingly fast and increasingly like a nutcase. e was never that stable to begin with, but at least he used to be coherent.

Probably Linkara for me as well. I honestly don't get exactly how or why he is even considered a lolcow compared to almost anyone else I've heard of.


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I'm starting to turn the corner on Zoe Quinn, as far as her being a fairly good shit stirrer.

I'd hate to actually ever deal with her directly, but her histrionic shrieking has won me over throughout the years, and I always find myself interested in what she's try and start next.
This aged very badly.
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Digibro has made some pretty good videos and has come off as surprisingly self-aware and mature at times. I still have some respect for him despite his weird Internet history and head-ass tendencies.
God how the times have changed
His content can be great, but his ego is going to ruin him. Digibro somehow manages to be on the wrong end of the dunning kruger effect despite being a good video maker.
Congratulations, you're a fuckin prophet

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I still don't think of Doug Walker as a cow. He's a sperg, and he has some brain-dead takes on certain things (The Wall) but outside of his obnoxious NC videos, he seems like a decent enough guy. He's smart enough not to get involved in internet drama and to keep his personal life somewhat personal so he's above most cows in that regard at least.