Lolcows that you personally like -

Linkara: most of his lolcow shit happened in his past and I do think he’s actually ashamed of it now

Nostalgia Critic: Guilty pleasure of mine. Old content hasn’t aged gracefully and his new stuff ranges from terrible to decent but I still have a soft spot for him

TV Tropes: Fuck the Mods Fuck a portion of the Userbase but I still like browsing the site and as long as politics didn’t come up their were some fun discussions to be had


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Andy "The Darkfister" Warski; that is if you want to consider him a lolcow in the first place (which I'm still not sure if I would yet compared to other people involved in the Internet Bloodsports fad). The only genuine issue I have is how easy it is for him to become someone's doormat, in particular his submissive relationship to JF (though some frictions have appeared as of late). While I enjoy the IBS for lulz I do like his unironic autism that has created tremendous amounts of lulz (him being trolled by King Karl, him unironically naming his second show The Purple Dragon, his Let's Play of Welcome to the Game II etc.). Darkfist was also pretty good IMHO for a low budget flick.
The latest developments on Andy make my post awkward in hindsight. I don't particularly hate Andy, but dear God has he destroyed every reasonable goodwill and optimism any sane person can have.

My stance on Terry (RIP) still stands though.

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I don't know if I would call it "like" but I'm gonna go ahead and say that I genuinely harbored respect for Terry Davis as a programmer and intelligent person.

I used to harbor a weird mixture of pity and appreciation-of-intent for some of the Honey Badgers and their orbiters, but that's pretty much fucking gone now.

EDIT: Oh, notable mention to some of the names surrounding the Gamergate circus of exceptionalism. A few seemed like reasonably well adjusted people at first (at least, in comparison to everyone surrounding them).

EDIT 2: OK, one more. Alex Jones is fucking hilarious and I'd have beers with the man.
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I like @Cowlick solely because he's so smug yet so criminally stupid it is endearing and amusing in a weird way.

The fact his continued presence on the Farms is driven entirely by his own unique blend of stupidity and arrogance is what makes him such a great lolcow.


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Spoony. In some alternate universe where he didn't self-immolate he goes in to be one of the most successful content creators and develops a following on par with AVGN. He branches out and his irascible style works well when talking about TTRPGs, vidya, and movies. He develops a halfway decent merch line, gets married, stays out of debt and settles down and builds all of that on talent and hard work.

Just another example of living in the shit timeline.
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