Lolcows who were successful at taking down their foes? -

For example, shutting down ED / KF. For ED, I only know of four or five times that's ever happened. For example, back in 2011 when Ryan Cleary DDOS'd DreamHost costing's owner Savetheinternet $150 in server bills so he promptly responded by hacking into the ED forum after figuring out a password ( "niggers1") before leaking the email addresses of EDF users on Pastebin under the pseudonym "P.F.". before later being doxxed himself. The whole beef between ED and 4chon started when steedick.jpg was uploaded to ED and the ED staff refused to delete the image despite the impotent demands of Steesatsu, even after they offered him a deal to remove the images, he refused to comply.

The second time was in 2013 when Milwin and Asalieri got into a slapfight resulting in the latter threatening legal action against ED's web host forcing them to flounce from .se to elsewhere.

Then in 2014, Daniel Brandt jacked the .es domain after Zaiger registered it under his name in an attempt to drive away any negative attention the site might bring him and once he found out about this, he called up the web host and shut the domain down.

Then in 2016, Vordrak won £10,000 in damages in a libel suit against KiwiDynastia and Likeicare after they called him a pedophile on his ED article. And a year later, Jonathan Monsarrat filed a copyright lawsuit against Brian Richard Zaiger after his article was back up even after DMCAing it back in 2010 and Zaiger has yet to go to court over this.

As for this site, I haven't studied it too much.


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Jace Connors tagged and bagged the entirety of the Islamic Caliphate known as Al-GamerFood. :jaceknife:
He beat them into submission so bad that their leader personally admitted that they "got owned".
Also Jace getting failtrolls to embarrass themselves was genuinely hilarious.
Also also, he beat Tyce in a REAL Juggalo Beatdown on the streets, where he rightfully claimed the money for Eli's Xbox One and Call of Duty game.
Has any other Lolcow uploaded a video of them PERSONALLY beating the h*ck out of their enemy? I don't think so. Semper Fidelis to our eternal Commander.


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Not sure if this counts, but LowTierGod is notorious for having some sort of a curse, where anyone who gets into a feud with him has their career destroyed in huge fireworks. If you're a fighting game player, chances are feuding with him will get both him and you banned from tournaments, which won't affect him, since he's a complete shitter. Momokun feuded with him, and she ended up being a complete meme with multiple accusations of molesting people at conventions. He got banned from EVO a few months ago, and now EVO (along with the big part of the FGC)'s just gone through a colossal shitshow that resulted in it cancelled and its CEO resigning.

Here's another interesting link I might post while on this subject.

Elliot Rodger, Randy Stair, and @FuckYou did manage to kill a couple people in their rampages against society.
Well, speaking of 4chan, you did have /r9k/ user Oxychan who was murdered by her estranged boyfriend in 2019.


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Anita Sarkeesian. She made bank from her internet drama while her opponents ended up irrelevant and broke internet spergs.
She won against the trolls but she seems to have lost some standing in the alt-left due to her baggage.
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