Lolcows who were successful at taking down their foes? -

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Null vs. Chloe Sagal

A witness statement from the article:
Her skin, he said, was peeled and "bright white."

"We asked them why they'd done it," Stratacos said. "They said it was because they were homeless and they didn't know what else to do."
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>Does fapping count as an emotional response?
Oh so he got foiled by the couch blocking his way, presumably while everybody on the other side was laughing and chanting “Couch Cuck Couch Cuck!” and instead of going down in a blaze of glory in a shootout with the cops he decided to cap himself out of humiliation at his defeat at the hands of the Ikea Guardsman.

You learn something new every day.

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I might put Doug Walker in the list. He's still a giant sperg, but despite all the attempts to destroy his livelihood, he never acknowledged it, just kept chugging along making his autistic videos while all his accusers ended up revealing themselves as terrible people.


I'm not gonna read that
WingsOfRedemption didn't technically take down his foes, they sorta deathspiraled after being exposed as almost entirely emotionally unstable spergs. Then the infighting killed any real "power" they had to fuck with him. Too busy huffing their own farts rather than laughing at his pathetic life.


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Chris lived to see the Game Place get shut down, but I'm not sure if you could call that a genuine victory or just a case of being the last man standing.
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They should have never gave you niggas Twitter
Everyone who had a massive hate boner for Milo Yiannopoulos when they finally got him banned from fucking everything. Milo Yiannopoulos said he was gay-raped as a kid and that made him gay." Encouraging LGBT" hate or some shit was the official justification for the banning.

I would also argue any right-wing lolcow who has been banned recently, they got BTFO'd by every corporation bowing down to BLM.
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>On February 11, 2004 Something Awful user nubdestroyer reported the site to GoDaddy resulting in its flounce from 4chan(.)net to 4chan(.)org.

>On June 15, 2004 TheRowan, owner of HentaiKey and 5chan convinced PayPal to cut funds to 4chan due to his own rival site barely getting any traffic.

>On December 20, 2006 Hal Turner gets raided by 4chan, 7chan, YTMND, Something Awful, and Bantown. After this event occurs, Turner posted the phone numbers of the callers on his website, which his audience then used to translate into actual addresses for the ones who were stupid enough to use their real number. After his audience doxxed minors, Turner removed them from his website after receiving over 100 calls to his personal phone.

>On April 28, 2007 4chan, 7chan, and especially 420chan combine forces to attack Subeta, a faggot role-playing website similar to Gaia who stole Longcat and turned him into an item for their faggoty site. When the chans complained, Subeta DDoSed 420chan, leaving it in ruins and sticking Kirtaner (420chan’s owner) with a $6,000 server bill. The *chans then DDoS Subeta, which they find hard to do due to lack of effort, as well as Subeta’s 2000 GB monthly bandwidth and lack of large images. Nevertheless, two major Subeta fansites were shut down permanently and Subeta was down for two days. Keith (Subeta’s owner) eventually apologized and removed Longcat from his site after a long and bloody battle, at which many Anonymous rejoiced. On this same day, Encyclopedia Dramatica, one of /b/'s most famous recruiting posts, encountered a severe hard disk failure and does not return until June 8.

>On October 19, 2007 a number of users from Lulznet enter the 4chan IRC channel, demanding that it be moved from its current location on to Their request is not taken seriously and they are banned from the channel in short order. During the exchange, moot said “whatever, Im gonna go make soup”. Angered, Lulznet beings a DDoS attack against 4chan. The attack is relatively successful, with all of the 4chan servers’ timing out relatively quickly, in response moot simply plugs them out. Simultaneously, Encyclopedia Dramatica attacks Wikichan for the sake of it.

>On December 14, 2007 obtains moot’s domain password, hereby taking control of 4chan by having CeLe, owner of, 4chan’s hosting, hand them over. CeLe was a good friend of DIDITFORTHELULZ’s admin, XyriX. Together with his team [Lulz] and his girlfriend Angyl they tried to make a “4chan for the people”. There is a recorded phone conversation where Angyl tries to get a fansign picture of a very angry moot in exchange for giving them the site back. Glexia suspended 4chan’s and teamdouche’s (Angyl’s former team) accounts after they Dox’d Angyl together with Anonymous Borg (Locutus_of_loli, actor in the Caturday Nap). Why they helped, its unknown. moot got the site back after he gave the ransom. I wonder where the pictures are.

>On July 21, 2008 three users from Raidchan, Pacifico, ViraL and f have the idea to start an imageboard civil war; their attempts fail as they were discovered, so they decide to go nuts and DDOS every major imageboard on the net.

>On September 20, 2008 /b/ attempts to DDOS and Raid Bill O’Reily, who was dissing the site at the time but they fail to incite any reaction.

>On July 27, 2009 Kimmo of AnonTalk used IP address spoofing combined with DDoSing and filing lots of false reports to cause major ISPs like AT&T, Comcast, and Cogent Communications to block access to 4chan after relentlessly spamming /b/.

>On July 19, 2010 Adrian Chen, covering the Jessi Slaughter events made an article called “The Art of Trolling: Inside a 4chan Smear Campaign.” After outlining 4chan’s plan of attack against Dahvie Vanity with screenshots and links, Chen linked to a chatroom, daring readers to troll it. Enraged, /b/ set out to take down Gawker’s main servers around noon on July 19th. When the site did not go down, an attack against Adrian Chen was launched. Gawker posted an article detailing the entire plot, stating that they were not afraid.

>On July 21 - 23rd, 2010 /b/ is told that Jessi Slaughter will appear on Good Morning America! the following day. /b/ panics, factions rise, one wanting to spam /b/ to keep off potential newfags and one wanting to make /b/ the complete opposite of what will be reported on the TV. The later faction won. Operation /b/ipolar begins. On the second day, /b/'s rules change, along with embedded music and a new sticky thread in “honor” of, ABC’s Good Morning Coverage of Jessi Slaughter. /b/ was ready to for the income of new users thanks to Operation /b/ipolar, but in the end it never happened, Jessi wizens up and doesn’t mention 4chan. In the end, Good Morning America! did mention 4chan in the night shift airing, causing /b/ to panic again. But before it could re-start Operation /b/ipolar, a massive wave of spam crashes /b/. /b/tards flee to /a/ and later /x/, who welcomes them with open, ghostly arms.

>On November 14, 2010 A butthurt Tumblr user makes a request of invasion on /b/, but is shunned off by most as it was a personal army request. Still it garnered enough users to catch the attention of the Tumblr user’s that browsed 4chan. It prompted them to start Operation Overkitten, flooding /b/ with actual pictures of kittens and the phrase “What is air” . In response, /b/ attempts to DDOS Tumblr but fails, only taking the front page down. Tumblr declares victory and eventually, in the victory flood of /b/, a somewhat clear-headed user of /b/ proposes that, since 4chan is predominantly male, and Tumblr is predominantly female, should have sex with each other. Thus, 4chumblr is born, and a surprising amount of Tumblr girls began to post pics of themselves in you love you lose and tits threads.

>On November 13, 2011 4chan suffered a sustained DDoS onslaught by an unknown person or entity. After the onslaught moot installed Cloudflare. Tumblr suspected.
And if you want to include post-Moot 4chan:

>On January 26, 2017 days earlier, after constant trolling, Shia snaps and pushes an offending crowd member. On this day it was announced he was arrested and charged with assault. Ironically, one of the stream regulars, dubbed "Tony" for his loud Italian voice and aggressive debating, was removed from the premises by police. Even more ironic was the reveal that another troll "Adidasbro" had an arrest warrant, suspected to be related to playing Johnny Rebel and Moonman music in public. Lastly, topping the ultimate in irony, both demonstrators AND trolls find themselves having a civilized debate in an unbelievable moment of unity, proving once and for all that Shia LaBeouf is a fucking joke.

>On March 18-19, 2019 multiple New Zealand ISPs begin blocking 4chan, 8chan, Kiwi Farms, Liveleak, Zerohedge,,, Gab, Voat, xyzchan, and many others, depriving shitposters their right to sick bantz. The ISPs claim that these are temporary blocks and that websites which take action and remove the Christchurch footage will be removed from the block. Some only block at the DNS level, leading to easy workarounds by changing the DNS to OpenDNS or Google DNS. Others ISPs block at the IP level, leading to Tor and VPN usage.

>On July 15 - 16th, 2019 An emo twink junkie kills his slutty friend, that r9k knew as Oxychan, and shared pictures of her bloody corpse with her discord orbiters. Turns out the faggot emo wasn't bluffing when a story came about 17 year old girl, Bianca Devins from Albany NY, getting her throat sliced open. The guy killed her out of jealously supposedly after a friend told him she was fucking guys behind his back and then after this confrontation, they went on a five hour road trip to a Queen concert and he brutally stabbed her. /b/ goes wild over this event and robots get feels because of pics like this. ED mod sets an edited image of her corpse as Picture of the Now. Before this incident she was an emo weeaboo that was into violence and had the personality of a typical lainfag, and often talked about her violence fetish and wanting to die. Bianca's story becomes the featured article of July 17-18 on ED.
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