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people are just assmad that she passes

"Passes" would imply that you can naturally look like a woman with little to no modification without anyone second guessing, which if you've seen Blair's older videos, that was most certainly the case.

However, that went right out the window once the face started to get fucked with and now Blair just looks gross


Sorry for party ooperating.
I agree with Josh about intellectual property laws and corporations trying to manipulate the goverment to enact what it's convenient to them, and I disagree with his defense of eugenics.
I agree with MovieBob about normies and I disagree about most things.
I agree with Destiny about dogs and again disagree with him in pretty much anything else.


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Eugenics is a good idea, though. Why shouldn't we improve humanity? Why shouldn't we deliberately use our reproductive abilities to encourage the representation of positive traits while disfavoring negative traits?

Eugenics is an entirely good idea. Most of transhumanism is based on just really accelerating genetic improvement.

The bad part is when the state enforces it, usually through really dumb concepts of race, which the states doing it don't understand.

I think if you let people voluntarily do it, though, that the results would ultimately be good. And if not, they'd be funny.

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people are just assmad that she passes