Lolcows you agree with - they have to have threads here

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I agree with Common filth on a lot of things. Dose that make me retarded.
I also agree with Jim because hes (or was) funny
I wouldn't say I agree with everything she says but Blaire White is not a lolcow imo, people are just assmad that she passes and doesn't hold cookie cutter ideologies.
Anyone that sells a shirts like these is a lolcow

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I agree with David Stay, despite the fact that he is a boomer flat earther on the world's misteries.

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To some extent, Jordan Peterson. I feel bad for his current life situations but I don't necessarily think that him falling off the wagon makes him a hypocrite. I think refusing to try and get back up and lashing out at those who are nudging him in the right direction would definitely do it though if he continued to do it for a substantial period of time.

I am disappointed by him though. His views on taking self responsibility for your own unhappiness definitely resonate with me & I tend to lean towards his views on the Nuclear Family.

You should never put so much weight into one individual though and I think that's why people like him become cows. It's a lot of pressure to carry, especially in an advanced age. Now that he's having his moment of weakness, his most die-hard fans have snubbed him for not practicing what he preaches.

It's a damn shame but that's life. I'm probably oversimplifying the situation as well but I haven't kept up with everything to be fair.

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Styx is almost like the anticow. Everything about his name and appearance makes him seem like he should be a batshit insane cow of the highest proportions, but his actual content is surprisingly reasonable.
Cringe Satanic/Pagan LARP username, weird real name (Tarl? Really?), thin as a rail, long face and big teeth like a horse, nerd glasses, wears a leather jacket with only his bare chest underneath, clanks spoons... ends up probably being the most mild-mannered, calm and reasonable eceleb in the tardmagnet that is the political youtube scene, how the hell does that happen?

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I don't believe that I ever full-on agree with the stuff cows normally say or do. Like there's instance where they may talk about the trolls going too far, which I can totally agree with, such as when Wings of Redemption's haters completely sperged out as Josh questioned them in their Discord server. Or when cows have good points against other cows, such as Richard Spencer shitting on Sargon in that live debate, Keemstar posting the content deputy video to shit on Ethan Klein, or even Mr. Enter making fun of Extra Credits for their infamous "Suddenly, you're a Nazi!" video. Doesn't make me like any of these people overall. It's ultimately just funny to see the petty slapfights unfold between them.