Lolcows you agree with - they have to have threads here

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Styx is probably the most level-headed of the "Internet Famous" lolcows and while I don't agree with him on everything, he is a lot more on-point than most of the other cows.

Really, the only major lolcow tendencies he has are the occult stuff and his edgy username and presentation.

Razorfist has a few good points once in a while despite his edge, and he's also entertaining sometimes.


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Styx really isn't much of a lolcow despite having pretty much all the makings of one. He used to be an edgy atheistic satanist, hence the username, but he out grew all of that and is now a pagan of some sort. I'm sure Styx was a killer lolcow 10 years ago though, he just wasn't well known.

I used to really like Metokur, but we all know where that went.

I agree with MGTOW that woman are irreverent, but I find that given that conclusion their constant complaining about women is hypocritical and contradictory. If MGTOW was honest they'd just never bother with women, but instead they just constantly complain about them, hence their lolcow status.

I agree with Razorfist on a number of things, but I find that he's intellectually dishonest at times, and his edgy persona is a bit annoying. The sheer amount of autism exhibited in his thread has actually made me start to like him again by contrast, and I've been watching his videos again. He's actually not a terrible video maker, and his Metal mythos videos are pretty useful if you want a quick history of any one of those bands.

Finally, and these might be a bit controversial, but I enjoy Mumkey Jones' recent content where he basically just makes fun of how much of a trainwreck he is. I enjoyed his old stuff too, but he's incorporated his faults into his act in such a great and open way it really puts other sometimes more defensive styles of self-deprecation to shame. Usually self-deprecation is a cope, but I really think Mumkey just doesn't care anymore. Also, I've enjoyed LeafyIsHere's latest content. His old videos are shit, but his new shitposts are oddly refreshing.
Dan Harmon is a piece of shit, and even though he is one of the main responsible for all the shit that happened with Community, I give him credit for having created the series, although I don't exactly agree with all of his opinions. I used to agree with The Quartering in everything until I realize that he is a pathetic buffoon.

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LagoonaBlue. When she states that she is basically a stupid bitch in numerous screenshots (not those words verbatim), yeah, I totally agree with her.
I remember years ago (like literally when I first joined) she would post in the sophie labelle thread talking about how she was a useless autistic retard who was failing college. I have no idea how she lasted so long without a thread.

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@Yaniv’s Hairy Balls and I agree with Yaniv on a man's right to get his balls shiny.

I guess I should also give the DID crew like DissociaDID an honourable mention. I don't agree with anything they say about their bullshit fucking disorder, but there's something amazing about them. Let me put it this way, remember how around 2010, every bitch you dated told you they had "a little OCD?" And you knew they were full of shit but you just shut the fuck up so you could drop dong in her vag-mahal? That's honestly what I feel this whole DID shit is, and they even do the whole "no, that nigga doesn't have DID, but me and my 42 personalities, we are legit, mmm hmm." That shit is exactly what they said when they pretended to have OCD, and for some reason, because DID is even more unbelievable than OCD, I just can't help but feel like they're more honest about "being special."
StyxHexenhammer666, Mister Metokur, Ben Garrison, and Red Panels/Stonetoss. Mr. Pumpkinface doesn't have a thread, however I have seen his name mentioned here on the farms before, and I do enjoy his work.
I joined this website because of mister metokur, he was really right on the coronavirus and virgina civil war that led to the george floyd stuff :)

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My dad penis.

I agree with hbomberguy's analysis of how Bethesda has treated the Fallout franchise. That's probably about it though.
>Literally just regurgitates shit that's been said on NMA and RPG Codex for years in the most bloated and frivolous way possible
Fuck off, Reddit retard.
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I agree with Styx and Razor on their stances concerning Commies and the current direction of the DNC.

I agree with Sargon when it comes to his takes on SJWs and woke culture,especially third-wave feminism.

I agree with Nick Rekieta on things such as judicial reform. However, I disagree with his stance that libertarianism is the best ideology, as when you get right down to it much like Communism you really can't make it work.