Lolcows you agree with - they have to have threads here


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Revenge of the Cis, they for sure know there's a farm's thread on them but don't take it to the level of Ralph and Dax.
This. ROTC is a decent podcast, not amazing or anything, but I'll throw it on when it's live from time to time. What really makes me agree with them, aside from their politics, is that the people who hate them are so autistic they make ROTC look great by contrast. I'm sure ROTC does some retarded shit, but there are a lot of obsessive weirdos who have a massive hate boner for them, so ROTC is alright in my book.


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Precisely, when it gets to that point, or in ROTC's case, their thread isn't that big or egregious I'm able to enjoy the show and laugh along with the thread.
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Terry Davis: ahead of his time.
Fedsmoker: for not taking any shite.
Mister Metokur: "Terry a Davis Internet insanity".
Pre 2010 Chris for being chaotic.
Emily Youcis "nuke Africa"
Jonathan Yaniv: for proving every stereotype and bringing people to the site.
Dsp: the sok was exceptional.

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I unironically agree with Razorfist -- in fact, I surprised to see a thread about him. Same goes with Jim/Metokur, although I can see how he can be a lolcow since his recent downward spiral of shitposting and flaking out on his fans. I agree with Styx's politics, but the occult stuff is kinda cringe. I somewhat agree with Sargon in general, but I can understand how he can be a lolcow -- and same goes for Jordan Peterson.

Styx is almost like the anticow. Everything about his name and appearance makes him seem like he should be a batshit insane cow of the highest proportions, but his actual content is surprisingly reasonable.

Most likely it's because he wanted to keep the same username since his early edgelord atheist days, despite maturing as a content creator.


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Razor, Styx and Angry Joe I often agree with. Joe have become less fun the fatter he is, but I still think his content is decent. Razor I often likes his video and I don't think Styx as a lolcow.
I also like Jordan P Peterson work and his book was pretty good.


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I unironically agree with Razorfist -- in fact, I surprised to see a thread about him. Same goes with Jim/Metokur, although I can see how he can be a lolcow since his recent downward spiral of shitposting and flaking out on his fans. I agree with Styx's politics, but the occult stuff is kinda cringe. I somewhat agree with Sargon in general, but I can understand how he can be a lolcow -- and same goes for Jordan Peterson.
Razorfist's problem is his persona, which to be honest is actually tame for a youtuber. "Sunglasses and fingerless gloves" is exceptional from the perspective of just some normal guy on the street, but he shares a genre of internet talking head personality where it's not just uncommon but almost the standard for people to use furry art, absurd robot helmets, and carnival barker costumes to set them apart from the crowd. There are of course other aspects of Razorfist, like his whiteknighting for a certain transracial pedophile pop musician, but that isn't a factor in most videos, and probably his twitter feed (nobody has a good one if they post to it regularly). But beyond that, he's just a pretty mundane YT commentator. Fuck I watch one that uses a Yoda puppet as a gimmick. Razorfist is nothing by comparison. Though, thinking about it, maybe the difference is the Yoda puppet guy just has a fun gimmick but Razorfist lives what should be just for the cameras. Either way, he's always seemed like small fry to me. 🤷‍♂️

Jordan Peterson had a flat out mental breakdown and is ill, Terry Davis style. His bible lecture series is actually very good, and a lot of the later stuff doesn't come close. It's sad more than it is funny. But as with the case of Saint Terry, mental illness is no excuse so I can see why he has a thread. Being a post-postmodernist philosophyfag doesn't help his case either.
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Jim Sterling was right once, when he said that horror games with bad graphics are the most terrifying. But then he argued, that Steam trash games are about to cause market crash like in 80's, which proved that he barely understands what he is talking about. Also, his takes on industry are laughable, when you take into account his encounter with that crazy composer. Basically, if tranny is involved, then it's ok.

Jordan Peterson I could agree with when he talked about the field that he mastered - psychology, but then he turned to philosophy and promoted very misguided, opinionated and sometimes just outright wrong book about postmodernism.

Spoony when he says that he is worthless. Can't disagree here.


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Styx, primarily. Lots of intelligent and humorous commentary on current insanity. Glad to see there's at least one Neo-Pagan/Ritual-Magick type out there who's not only stayed off the Woke bandwagon, but is hurling brickbats at the whole out-of-control juggernaut.


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since it's unlikely that hbomberguy ever went to the KKKodex or No Mutants Allowed (at least certainly not before Sander and his crew faggotized NMA) these are presumably conclusions he reached without their assistance, so credit where credit is due, stopped clocks etc.
There are so many places which have dismantled Fallout 3 point by point the same way Harris has before he made the video, there was also a screencapped 4chan/v/ post which made the same broad points as he has in his video from way back in the day. I would say that if he doesn't have anyone to copy homework from, his critiques end up being shit like the Dark Souls 2 one, which is honestly just him being salty at MatthewMathosis. That's why the video is so self-contradictory. For example Harris talks about how the game is built mainly with 1v1 engagements in mind, something he agrees with with Matthew, but then when Matthew bitches about all the Dynasty Warriors-tier trashmob encounters the game hurls at you regularly, Harris goes on to defend them for some reason.
Hell, even for a video where I broadly agree with the title and which is not contrarian or controversial at all, which is his "Bloodborne is Genius" video, he made a lot of laughably bad points.


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Although I liked the videos on Hollywood and cancel culture. It's like a normie's first glimpse into the cathedral and bioleninism
So it's perfect for the general public? The most I ever knew about communism before becoming an adult was that McCarthy did these things called Witch Hunts because he was paranoid about the wrong-think of wanting freebies, & nuance be damned.


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I sometimes watch Kat Blaque. I disagree with him on a lot of things, but I do think that in terms of racism he makes some good points and he's become more moderate in the past few years. I'm personally of the opinion that Black People do have a more up-to-date, so to speak, view on racism and I want to understand. Also, he has quite a soothing voice, which is nice when I want to half pay attention to something.

Anyway, I watched his video recently and he did say something which honestly made me think. The video was partially about people who defend or make excuses for racist behaviour which is exhibited by people they have relationships with. He asked the white members of his audience if a person they knew, who was also white, had ever turned to them and made a clearly racist (so much so that it was undeniable) comment, under the assumption that the person they were talking too would laugh or agree. (Naturally, i'm sure that this has happened with non-whites too and probably even more frequently, but the question was directed at white people) and this made me pause, because in fact that very thing had happened just two days earlier when my parents friends came over. After an excruciating 4 hours smugly discussing how dumb Trump is and how unfair it is they, white people, are being called racist (after calling me antisemitic), one of them turned to me and with a smile made the most shockingly tone deaf, tasteless and frankly racist joke about George Floyd that i'd seen irl. I was so surprised by this that i couldn't reply and she quickly apologised in semi seriousness, but the damage was done. I wasn't offended, not being black, but I was slightly repulsed and honestly I can see why Black People don't like old whites.

I enjoyed Kat's Video. He was firm but not aggressive, and what he was saying was true. I do think what he said could be applied to everyone regardless of race, but that's just something that we would liekly disagree on.


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Dominic Vanner/britbong, because he’s right about second life and the people who still use it.