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Nah, in all seriousness, as much as people like Dobson, BenTheLooney, Monica Rial, MovieBoob, Linkara (or any of the Channel "Awesome" crew on this site like Walker or Goldmark) or Chris can irk me to no end with their blind stupidity. I have (or had) a special hate for those who actually inflict harm to people either emotionally or physically. We're talking Christchurch shooter, Nick Bate, the Zoophiles and Mr. High IQ himself- James Terry Mitchell Jr.

Pedophiles, rapists and shooters who aren't failures like couch cuck are those kinds of people who shouldn't have to abide by the rules of "Be nice to the mentally challenged person". I've also got a really low tolerance for troons who try to force their opinions of things time and again (nowhere near as much as the aforementioned, but it can get pretty close sometimes).

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PESTPOOM and Ratspeaker did nothing wrong
The ones that get rewarded for being degenerates and/or don't have to deal with the consequences when they fuck shit up. Most, but not all, of these people would fall into the "Rat King" category, like Wu, Fong-Jones, Nyk, etc.
Most welfare leeches would also fall into this category.
Now that I think about it, I've actually described a lot of cows with this descriptors. I guess it's a good thing that I'm quicker to laugh/poke fun at than I am to rage, or else I wouldn't have much fun on this site.
Certain troons and TERFs make me giddy with glee at their victim-cunt fuckstickery. Notable mentions: Yaniv and Leah Tverly, both ugly, hairy attention whores with gross menstrual and mental issues. It's probably more a sort of schadenfreude than despising.
Mine is Luna Slater. She really grinds my gears, especially since I found out she is in her early 20's and has completely fucked her life up beyond redemption already. (would have said she was late 30's if I was being kind)... That and I thought smack heads were at least skinny...

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Arthur Chu.
Nothing he did is that horrible but he just comes across as such a raging cunt that it's startling.
I can still vividly remember when I first saw him talk years ago (during the Pakman interview) because he was just so amazingly loathsome.

Agreed. There's something especially off about him, like he's the puppet of some Lovecraftian horror. People like Nick Bate and Snakething are evil because of autism plus the internet, but it wouldn't be surprising if Chu creeped out his parents from conception and just got worse from there.


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Right now pretty much any lolcow who makes their living off YT or Twitch.

Once you garner a reasonable following on these sites, it is virtually impossible to fail, unless you quite literally break the law and go to jail. E-celebs have so many bailouts it's ridiculous. Patreon, sponsoring Raid, Twitch staff's favoritism, or just simply being a provocateur and screaming the loudest. The funniest part to me in this, is they know how financially secure and easy this is, so they will do everything to not lose it. They will pawn off all those adpocalypses and 'sky is falling' scenarios on their audience, as if they are supposed to completely relate with their situation and go lift boxes during night shifts, so that their flying e-celeb castle doesn't go away.

At the moment (and for as long as both these platforms don't start punishing that kind of content aka probably never) drama is a profitable currency, and nearly every retard on these sites knows this, and how easy it is to do. You'll always be hearing of Boogies and Onisions and the rest of these washed up fucks waging some kind of autistic war on someone, because that is all they've got now, and the venues are rewarding them for it.
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I agree with everyone calling out the zoos and shit, but for me I despise Kayla Waller. She is just SO fucking whiney I want to slap her weird-looking face.