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who dare wins?

doee Geneva convention apply to weebs an furfags?
I generally despise zoos and shut, like most others in this thread. But I have a special form of hatred for desmond is amazing's mom should be fucking thrown in solitary confinement for the rest of her life for literally fucking up her own child beyond recognition and damnedest him to a life of confusion and misery. Also fuck discord furfag pedos (like cherrypaw) and the people who pretend to "catch" these people for views


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The zoophiles and pedos group is the worst, but second to them are the cows who endlessly humblebrag and virtue signal on social media. It's probably just me being petty but that shit drives me up the wall.

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Besides pedos and zoosadists, one I could think of is Chris's mom.

Abusive parenting, especially with a child with a disorder, makes me sick. She smothers him with toys, hoards everywhere she goes, emotionally abuses her late husband and son, and plays the victim role when something doesn't go her way.

That's straight up manipulation and hits too close to home.

Honorable mention goes to the Fat Acceptance movement. Basically encouraging unhealthy living by gorging themselves with calories day in, day out. And then complain why people don't want to be around them. If you can't maintain self control, that's your problem.
There are plenty of people to be more upset at, but for some reason Arin Hanson makes me unreasonably angry. Just looking at a photo of him, I want to gag. His personality, sense of humor, and opinions all rub me the wrong way. I think it's just because he's still somewhat popular and respected in some circles even though he's complete dogshit. He's gotten off a little too easy, in my opinion.

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Not counting horrorcows like Nick Bate, Snakething and Kero?

I don't hate her, but I really don't like Lupa. Anytime petty drama and shit slinging goes on, you can bet she's right in the middle of it egging it on. SWATing Brad's family, consistently calling him a pedo, all because he decided to stay loyal to his friends (autistic they may be) instead of a harpy nobody like her. She also strikes me as the kind of person if some sap of a guy decided to sleep with her, she'd cry rape to the cops if he ever pissed her off. She's a basket case.

Marzgurl I'm pretty close to hating. Letting her cats starve and die a slow, drawn out and painful death because she'd rather spend her meager amount of money on herself instead of taking care if them makes me MOTI.


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I hate the zoos and pedos just like everyone else here has said. But Onision and Kero particularly piss me off mainly because despite all of the disgusting shit they did coming to light, they're still somehow walking free. (And in Kero's case still have people defending them.)

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I hate any lolcow that is involved with children in some manner. Reading the Schofields, the parents of Lactatia and Desmond and Nick Bate is like torturing my brain. Also Yaniv, fuck him.
Dragging a child to your degenerate lifestile or manipulating it is wrong, they don't have a choice and I pray that someday they are going to better homes or just got involved by CPS, no matter what orphanage they would get is 100 times better than staying in home with sociopaths.
Another ones are the people protected by the new sensibilities that we have today, aka the Rat King, don't call someone a rapist because they troon out or don't tell that a man with a beard is a man, fucking cissy transphobe.
And the zoosadism thing is too hard to me to digest, when I lurked on the farms I watched those videos and it fucked me up, may these fuckers burn in hell.

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Yandre dev because he basically alienated the low IQ fans he actually had