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*standard "aside from zoos and pedos" comment here*

You know, it's tough for me to get angry at cows anymore. Maybe it's just the side-effect of being around for so long and seeing some of the most fucked-up people imaginable, but most cows really only damage themselves. I guess the ones I truly despise anymore are the ones that get validated by mainstream media like Rhys McKennon or even Brianna Wu (to a more limited degree than his heyday) because their toxicity is allowed to spread. But even then, I find myself more upset by the media for choosing to give these idiots the attention they crave. Weeb Wars has a couple of similar cows like Ron Toye (a complete piece of shit) and Marzgurl who are annoying, but I find the system that gives these clowns (and their ideological counterparts like TUG) the time of day more annoying. I kind of wish businesses of all sorts would collectively realize that nobody with 80,000+ tweets to their name has any value or perspective worth sharing.

Oh, and fuck that bitch Becky Gerber.
Becky Gerber is the most irritating of all lolcows. I wouldn't quite wish she was dead, at least most of the time, but if she fell into an open manhole and broke her legs in a river of shit I'd laugh about it.

She's not even that awful, just really annoying.

As someone who actively follows Becky a lot I gotta agree. She's just incredibly whiny.
But as to actually despite? Not a lot honestly, even the crazier ones like Melanie Herring, secretgamergirl, Adf, Tommy tooter and so on are mostly just amusing and hilarious in how crazy they are. As others have said the only ones that truly makes me sick to my stomach are those that actively hurt others such as the zoozadists, nick bate. Particularly all the zoophiles in how blatant and shameless they are.

I do kinda despise everyone in Breadtube though. Their smug condescending attitude makes me want to vomit.


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LividLipids (one of the woke fatties) rustles the fuck out of my jimmies, but the main reason is that she reminds me of someone who rustled the fuck out of my jimmies in real life. The good thing about LL is that her visage always inspires me to not skimp on workouts. You can't just go A-logging someone who's very face improves your plank time.


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Honestly, hating people online isn't something I really do. It won't accomplish anything no matter how much I hate. Too much energy.
The only ones I can think of are those who are parts of groups that deserve hate, like the Zoosadists or child abusers.
So the main ones for me would be people like Nick Bate, Piggy Lou, Susan Schofield, and the Zoosadists.
Outside of groups I don't like, there's other cows who've crossed the line. Not quite hate, but I can't abide Shadman drawing porn of IRL kids. It doesn't matter how much of an edgyboi you are, that's fucked up and shouldn't be done.

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aside from those in animal control (though I do hate all furfags) and anyone who does anything to kids, not really. even the ones that i think are dumb or annoy me don't bug me to the point of despising them.

The closest is the over zealous ISWV and KV people from weeb wars since they do nothing but hurt their own cause (especially the ISWV people), and the "owo notice me daddy Jim" fans Metokur has but with his fans it's more pity than anything else.

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Lucas Werner or Becky Gerber

Lucas I just want to punch in the face and honestly I cant stand to read the Becky Gerber thread because she just makes me so angry.

What irritates the hell out of me about Lucas is that he's so unwell at this point that he is incapable of understanding why he's a repellent pervert. You could spell it out for him in terms a child would understand and he would stare at you blankly.

When Becky gets on my nerves, I remind myself that she's incapable of being happy and that cheers me up.


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In terms of legitimate hatred, just the abusive ones like Nick Bate and ShannyForChrist. But in terms of just being completely insufferable, Boogie is up there. The guy will lie about literally anything, and will keep lying incessantly, and when things die down he'll reinterpret events to churn out some new lie down the line. Worst part being that he holds literally nothing sacred and will actively abuse people's good faith that individuals won't take those topics lightly to escape criticism, like he did with Christina Grimmie after the rapists and nazis shit, and then he goes on PKA and says 'oh it was all hyperbole' despite using a person's death to double down.

Other than him, MundaneMatt is a cockcroach as well - he just will latch onto anything that might advance his station like a leech.
There are many who piss me off but none I really, truly hate. Moviebob at one point might have been that guy, but after a few years I just find him to be too pathetic to care that much about. Same with someone like Mundane Matt, Brianna Wu and Andrew Dobson.

Having said that, I highly doubt I'd feel an ounce of sadness if tomorrow it was reported Zoe Quinn died of Covid.

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Any of the trannycows who use being trans as an excuse to be weird fetishists publicly and not be told to stop it. Yaniv being the poster child for these, of course, but there are a bunch of them.

Aside from the issue of them actively ruining it for every genuinely dysphoric trans person (of which I know a couple, and they hate these people even more than I do) while pretending they're doing good for their dumb cause, they're just gross. Gross to think about, generally gross to look at... they just give off an aura of "get the fuck away from this"


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Tory Odeja and her merry band of cucks went from being disgusting but funny to a horrific nightmare when one of the cucks gorilla slammed the baby and broke a bunch of its bones, and those fetid retards didn't even take her to the hospital for a few days, only for Odeja to go on TikTok and talk about how she misses being pregnant and wants a new one.


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Deathfats. Most of them manage to trip my personal MATI triggers:-
Entitlement, whinyness and self-importance.
Traits often seen together in deathfats, exemplified by Jude Valentin. Shameless ebeggar, whines about her first world problems all the time and is a sanctimonious sjw for internet points.

There's just something particularly annoying about people who refuse to acknowledge how good their life actually is and rather than help themselves, just wallow in their self proclaimed victimhood. Stop wasting your life and put some effort in! Pull your head out of your arse and notice that everyone else has to put on work to achieve.
You're not a victim you're just lazy and dumb.

Anyone who malingers PTSD bothers me, too. Especially if it's for stupid reasons, like diets or Taylor Swift.

ETA: Oddly, I can't bring myself to despise Greer. He's contemptible but his 2000 page thread is still managing to entertain me more than horrify me. He's just so extreme in his exceptionalism I can't take him seriously enough to hate him.
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Jude and Lividlipids really test my patience, but watching them is like watching a slow train wreck. I don’t despise them though, at most I’m just mildly irritated. Between the two, Lipids is far better at getting me MOTI, but that’s only because she has kids that have to put up with her.